CUSC in Brief April 13, 2017

Jessica Macey, Executive Editor

Not yet having reached quorum at 6:10 p.m., CUSC began to discuss grants while waiting for more councilmembers to arrive. Adam Katzman (‘18) then asked committees for updates.

Finance committee reported that they will be working on club budgets this upcoming weekend.

Quorum was reached at 6:15 p.m., and the meeting was called into session. Committee updates continued.

Elections Committee announced that they will begin interviews for Major Events Chair in the upcoming week.

Student Life Committee has begun club office space allocations for the upcoming year.

Adam Katzman (‘18) shared that he has been meeting with Divest Clark and Listen Up Sodexo!, as well as working more on the proposal to make Ecosia Clark’s default browser. He stated that he will update the council when there is more info.


Gryphon and Pleiades, a Clark honor society composed of 12 seniors, requested $1100 for their annual community event.  This year, the event is a field day for 90 4th-6th grade student students from Columbus Park Elementary School. Grants asked them if there was any area of the request where they would potentially need more funding, as there is still a lot of money in the grants fund, and they requested more for raffle prizes.  Grants recommended $1335. The grant passed.