Cougar of the Week: Chris Rasco

Steven Castiglione, Scarlet Staff

Chris Rasco (‘20) is an attackman for Clark Lacrosse from Huntington, N.Y. In his first season with the team, Rasco has played in all nine games and started in four. He has scored five goals and notched four assists.


Scarlet: What is the most obvious difference between high school and college lacrosse?

Chris: The speed of game, and how everyone is competitive from practice to games. No practice has any down time. It’s all upbeat and everyone is focused on the competition.


Scarlet: What has been your favorite game so far?

Chris: My favorite game this season so far would have to be Wesleyan. It was the most competitive one, and I’d say we were really amped up for it. It was in Connecticut at their field, and even though we lost, it was a great game that we played to the best of our abilities.


Scarlet: How was the training trip in Florida over spring break?

Chris: Our training trip was, by far, the best time of my life – I had a great time down there with the team. We played a couple games down there, [and] it was intense because there would be days where we’d have a game, or a practice, and one time we had a practice in the morning and a game that night. Every single day we had something to do, and by the end of the trip we’d become so much closer. The trip also helped us figure out our starting formation since we all got to play, [so] Coach Cohen really had a sense of what would be the best starting lineup this season.

Scarlet: What goes into the everyday regime of a lacrosse player, and what aspect of it do you find most difficult?

Chris: Every day we either have a lift with the team or a lift on our own, and then we have practice for two hours on the field, but before and after, we warm up with twenty to thirty minutes of stretching and cool down. I personally find the lifting aspect of our training to be the most difficult, you just have to push yourself every day to get better.


Scarlet: As an attackman, what do you feel is the most challenging part of the position?

Chris: The most challenging part of being an attacker is knowing the difference between when you should go and when not to go and attack the cage. The biggest things that let you decide when to attack and when not to are reading the defense and looking to see if there is an opening.


Scarlet: Has there been anyone on the team who has been a role model for you?

Chris: Will Mandraccia (‘18) and Nick Johnson (‘17), because both play my position. In the fall, Nick couldn’t play with us since [he injured] his leg, but now he’s fully back. It’s great to see him progress and get back to where he was before his injury. Nick is always there. If I ever had a question he’d be there to answer it. The same goes for Will. Will has had to play the whole time since Nick wasn’t able to play for a while. Will has always been there to help me every step of the way.


Scarlet: What has been your favorite thing about Clark that you didn’t know before you came here?

Chris: I think it would have to be how much athletes come together. It feels like a community where everyone has each other’s back. I really noticed it by going to the soccer games at the Dolan, the basketball games, and at swim meets.


Scarlet: Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies?

Chris: Not really, honestly. I’m kind of boring in that sense.


Scarlet: What do you like to do with your free time?

Chris: I like to hang out with friends or call my family to see how they are doing. I’ll play some video games or go play some pickup basketball. I’ll go to the gym in my free time, really anything that can keep me busy is something I will do in my free time.


Scarlet: If you could be transported back in time and bring one person with you, who would you bring and where would you go?

Chris: I would take my brother and go back to the peak of the Renaissance. I’ve always wanted to go back to see old Rome and Venice because everything was super interesting and cool at that time.


Thanks for the interview, Chris!