Clarkie of the Week: Emilee Cocuzzo

Emilee Cocuzzo is a senior who is a part of the fifth-year MBA program. She is involved in the Worcester Student Government Organization, the Newman Association, Speakers Forum, the Fiat Lux Honor Society, and The Gryphon and Pleiades Society. Her hobbies include listening to podcasts (Modern Love, The Moth, This American Life), musicals, and playing games with friends.


Alika Gillard, Managing Editor

Emilee sat down with the Scarlet to talk about her involvement with Clark and the Worcester community, the future, and memes.


Scarlet: So, where are you from?


Emilee: I’m from Everett Mass. just outside of Boston.


Scarlet: What made you choose Clark?


Emilee: Honestly it was financial aid. I got a really good financial aid packet and I actually didn’t want to go here originally. Classic story, but honestly it has been the best decision of my life and I’m really glad I ended up choosing Clark by default, in a way.


Scarlet: So what kinds of things do you do for Clark? The community?


Emilee: I’m the president of the Worcester Student Government Association, which overlooks the student governments at the 11 colleges in the area. I’m also president of the Newman Association, which is a Catholic club, and Speakers Forum. I’m also the treasurer of the Student Alumni relations committee and I volunteer at Columbus Park, right now with third graders. I was a mentor for teaching entrepreneurship, so I helped students pitch their ideas to a panel of judges.


Scarlet: Wow! How do you manage to do everything you do?


Emilee: I don’t sleep, but it all comes down to keeping a good schedule.


Scarlet: Do you do anything fun ever?


Emilee: [laughs] Yeah actually I do! I try to find balance every day by having dinner or lunch with a friend. On weekends I’ll take the time to hang out with friends at night and play games and stuff. We just got “What Do You Meme?”. It’s so funny!


Scarlet: I’ve heard so much about that! Is it worth the $30?


Emilee: It so is. You can add your own memes so it’s an endless possibility of memes.


Scarlet: What’s your favorite meme?


Emilee: Um… you know I really like Grumpy Cat. It doesn’t really speak to me because I’m not that grumpy, but I think it’s the all-time meme. Grumpy Cat was one of the first memes of existence. I also think it’s incredible how that owner can make a million-plus dollars off of their cat, like let me just go quit my job and sell my cat everywhere.


Scarlet: I agree. So, it’s senior year, you’re doing all of these things, what are your plans for beyond Clark? The future?


Emilee: So I’m doing the MBA program hopefully, and after that possibly going abroad a year, maybe study, work, teach English maybe, and then come back and go into either consulting or marketing in the tech industry. I really want to end up working for a non-profit or some [organization] that works for the public, preferably utilizing my business skills. So it’s kind of up in the air, but I will be here for a fifth year.


Scarlet: Are you going to continue to work in the community?


Emilee: Oh yeah, I think the best thing is that you don’t stop. I would get way too bored, and I want to find uses for my time that can be productive and useful for the community


Scarlet: Okay, one more question about the future: if you were going far into the future and could only bring one suitcase, what would you pack in it?

Emilee: I’d pack my phone and a charger, the essentials. My favorite clothes, like my preppy loafers and red pants and lots of shirts don’t forget the blazers and the skirts you gotta look professional. On a more personal note, I would take pictures of my family, letters from my friends, and…a hair brush. It’s really hard to find a good hair brush.


Thanks for the interview, Emilee!