Police Logs 9/26/2017 – 10/3/2017


2:40 p.m. Caller reported that their friend had hip and lower back pain. Individual was transported to the hospital.


7:17 p.m. Party reported an individual preaching and approaching individuals in the area. Units observed the suspicious individual.


5:36 p.m. Caller reported hearing what sounded like a door being broken down followed by footsteps near their apartment. Units responded.


2:24 p.m. Caller reported finding a lost six-year-old. WPD was notified. The child had been reported missing from Columbus Park School and was brought back to school.


6:55 p.m. Party reported seeing a male carrying two bike tires and heading towards Park Ave. Party stated that their friends’ bikes have had their bike tires stolen recently. Man in question was reported to be about 5’8”, in his early 20s, and wearing a grey hoodie.


8:09 p.m. Party reported being approached by an individual claiming to be homeless and in need of money in the stairwell of the back entrance of Maywood Hall. Party asked the individual to stay outside while they found an RA, but were unable to locate anyone. Units responded and searched the area, but did not find the individual.