A Howlin’ Good Time

Clark University’s 2nd annual haunted house provides Clarkies with a real treat

Drashhti Bilimoria , Scarlet Staff

Usually known for its seemingly never-ending flight of stairs, Jonas Clark Hall transformed for Halloweekend into a haunted house filled with thrills, a murder mystery, and even a ghost or two!

Sponsored by the Campus Programming Board (CPB), the event gave groups a chance to solve the mystery of missing theatre starlet Scarlet Clark’s disappearance. The event was a collaborative effort between various other clubs on campus, including but not limited to, the Student Activities Board, the Counterpoints, OPEN, and the Peapod Squad.

Even though a line formed before the event even started, the CPB ensured there was always something to do. Music was blaring, and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship was waiting to offer those in line hot chocolate, cookies, and glowsticks.

After a long wait, we were finally let into Haunted Jonas Clark, where we were presented with a film reel giving us clues to begin our mystery with. After the video ended, the two groups went their separate ways and the race to solve the mystery began!

Our first task as “consultants” was to question two suspects that the detectives believed could be guilty. Members of our group were encouraged to ask the suspects questions about their whereabouts regarding the night Scarlet disappeared, about their relationship with Scarlet, and who they thought was the killer. Haunted Jonas Clark made the experience so much more entertaining (and personal) when Hector, Scarlet’s co-star and suspect, “outed” me as his alibi!

After questioning suspects, our group made its way to Scarlet’s dressing room, where we encountered more ghosts, cobwebs, and mystery. With the door to Scarlet’s dressing room locked, the detectives– never wasting any time– began looking for clues in the corridor, coming across a bloody knife.

Before we even knew what was happening, we were whisked into another room, and were reunited with the other group we entered Haunted Jonas Clark with.

Together at last, both groups went over the evidence we had gathered. During our discussion, however, Scarlet herself appeared – and revealed that she was behind the murders! To save ourselves, we made a mad dash towards the exit, ending our journey through Haunted Jonas Clark.

Although some figured out that Scarlet was the culprit before the big reveal, many participants found themselves surprised by the revelation. After our harrowing Jonas Clark adventure, Counterpoints, the Clark Keys, and the Clark Bars performed an impressive arrangement to end the night, all while OPEN offered face painting for those interested.

Overall, Haunted Jonas Clark was a FANGtastic time!