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Amazon’s newest service allows delivery people into your home

Sabrina Hallal, Scarlet Staff

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In the midst of deciding the location for a new headquarters, Amazon has announced their newest service, Amazon Key, which allows for packages to be delivered just inside your front door.

The service, which is available to Amazon Prime members, includes the use of a smart lock, which is unlocked using an “Amazon key” and a camera. When a certified Amazon delivery person delivers a package, they can unlock the door with their “key,” which is essentially just an Amazon scanner. The scanner certifies that the delivery person is at the right house then unlocks the door in order for the package to be placed right inside of your home.

When the door is unlocked, a camera starts to record the transaction and you will receive a notification on your phone and can watch the delivery live or watch it later. Once the delivery is done, the door relocks itself. You can also give access to other people as well, allowing your friends or people performing other services to get into your house without you having to leave them a key.

The idea of the Amazon key is very convenient. It solves some of the biggest problems with delivering packages. People who use Amazon key won’t have to worry about being home when their packages are delivered or about their packages being stolen. Amazon’s delivery people receive strict background checks, and they are often the same people who have been delivering packages for years. The Key will only allow authorized persons to get into the house, and the camera provides some confirmation that your house is safe. The idea is well thought-out and seemingly secure.

Amazon Key does bring up some concerns that might leave Prime members reluctant to use the service, however. After all, using Amazon Key does involve someone going into your house when you are not home, an idea that many people are uncomfortable with. Regardless of how thorough background checks are, the delivery people are, for the most part, strangers. Even though there is a camera recording during deliveries, some people might still want to be home when their packages arrive.

The service itself is impressive, but in order for Amazon to get people to use it, they will have to work around the stigmas that people have about letting strangers into their house, which will certainly prove to be a difficult task.