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Play Fest opens with “Reunion”

Ari Reyes, Scarlet Staff

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Last week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, Clark University Player’s Society (CUPS) began their biannual Playfest. Playfest contains a series of six plays written, produced, and performed by Clark undergraduate students, graduate students, and alumni. The first of the plays was “Reunion” written by Alyssa Spencer (‘17) and directed by Kathryn Howell (‘17).

The show was about two lesbian ex-lovers, Hannah and Ashley, who meet up  three years after graduating from college. Hannah ends up in Ashley’s town in Connecticut where she asks if she can stay with her for the night before the reunion. Ashley reluctantly says yes because she still has feelings for Hannah, even after three years of being apart, but Hannah claims that the feelings are not mutual.

They head to the reunion together and both end up drinking a lot there. The two of them end up in the same room at a hotel and sleeping together. The next morning Hannah is very adamant that she must go home and seems upset, which upsets Ashley. Hannah goes home and tells her boyfriend, Matt, what happened between the two of them, resulting in him wanting to meet Ashley. The meeting between Hannah and Matt leads to a dispute, resulting in their breakup. Hannah’s heartbreak brings her back to Ashley’s apartment, where Ashley tells her she needs to be single for a while before anything can happen between the two of them.

The performance was really great. I saw the show on the last night that it was playing, and I really enjoyed myself. I thought that the actors did a wonderful job. I thought that they all portrayed their characters very well. The story line was very interesting, and was very well put together. I would’ve liked to know more of what happened to Hannah and Ashley’s relationship after Hannah and Matt’s break up. However, I do like the element of interpretation, that you get to guess what happened to their characters, either happy or sad. Overall, “Reunion” was a great show, and if you had the chance to see it, you got to enjoy a play full of laughs and excitement.

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