Dance the Night Away

Variant Dance Troupe and Dance Society host Fall Showcase in Atwood


Jay Sundar Rajan

Dancers owned the stage in Atwood last weekend in the Variant and Dance Society fall showcase.

Arianna Reyes, Scarlet Staff

This past weekend at Atwood Hall Variant Dance Troupe (VDT) and Dance Society (DS) put on their fall showcase. Variant’s co-directors are Molly Bond (‘18) and Taylore Lombardi (‘18), Dance Society’s co-directors are Taylor McAllister (‘18) and Brittany Lacerte (‘19). The two groups are both student-run and choreographed. However, Variant is a non-audition based group while Dance Society is. This is the only show that the two groups do together, there are other shows in the spring that the groups do on their own.

The fall showcase consisted of twenty dances, while some were fast-paced and very engaging, others were more somber and evoked emotion. All the dances were incredibly interesting to watch, especially since they were all choreographed by students. Throughout the show there was always something interesting happening and the audience waited for the next dance in anticipation. From bootylicious hip-hop dances to light ballet dances, the show had a great variety of talents and pieces to watch.

Two of my favorite dances from the show put on by VDT were “Afro-Caribbean Hip Hop Mix” choreographed by Fatima Diallo and “Got MILF?” choreographed by Nate MacDonald (‘18) and Julie Reed (‘21). “Afro-Caribbean Hip Hop Mix” was one of my favorites because of the liveliness of the dancers, and I could really tell how much they enjoyed the dance they were putting on.  “Got MILF?” was another super fun dance. It was bootylicious and made me laugh, and I could also tell that the dancers were enjoying themselves and what they were doing. Both dances really made me want to get up and dance.

Another dance I really enjoyed was DS’s “Unsteady” which was choreographed by Adrienne Kasmally (‘19), I thought that this performance was very emotional and the dancers also put a lot of emotion into the way that they were dancing.

Throughout both acts of the showcase I was very intrigued and enjoyed every part of what was happening on stage. Both groups performed incredibly well, and you could tell that every dancer was having a good time doing what they were doing. There was a special silence that filled the room when the audience was waiting for the dancers to get in place and for the music to start playing, and it made the anticipation that much greater. Not only did the dancers have fun, but the audience did too, and there was a huge applause after every dance. If you didn’t have the chance to go out and see this wonderful show this past weekend, definitely keep an eye out next semester for both groups’ performances and try to make time to go. Seeing those Clark students dance their booties off was definitely a treat!