LASO’s El Mercadito About More Than a Good Meal


Emily Morang

Ari Reyes, Social Media/Wed Editor

On Friday, Feb. 23, the Latin American Student Organization (LASO) put on their annual El Mercadito event in the Grind. There was no doubt that the event was a hit and that everyone who attended was having a blast.

There was life in every corner of the room, from lively dancing and karaoke to delicious Latin American cuisine. Flags representing various countries were hung from all over the ceiling, adding color and radiating Latin American pride. Just stepping into the room could brighten one’s day.

LASO did a wonderful job of providing a vast range of foods from a multitude of different Latin American countries. There were many people with smiling faces after diving into the dishes that students created to represent their countries, and nobody could get enough.

“To be completely honest, my favorite part about going to El Mercadito was the food,” said Juliana Lugg (’21).

After just an hour, all of the food was gone and the few stragglers coming in a bit late had nothing to eat. However, there was much more to El Mercadito than just the food.

Many of the attendees had also gathered together just to dance. Hispanic music flooded the Grind, and everyone just seemed like they had to join in.

Marena Koenka (‘21) remarked, “I’m not the best dancer, but everyone dancing looked like so much fun and I just had to join in for a little.”

In addition to dancing, the night also featured karaoke.

“I really enjoyed how most people stepped up and sang some karaoke,” said Evan Hoffman (‘21). “It made the event more laid back and more enjoyable.”

It seemed that watching other people step out of their comfort zones made everyone feel more comfortable and closer with LASO’s community.

LASO created a vibrant environment full of music and dancing, which, along with so much delicious food, made for an incredibly successful event.