WooSox- A Welcome Change

“This is not the beginning of the end. This is the end of the beginning.”


PawSox chairman Larry Lucchino at McCoy Stadium in 2017.

Julia Baldacci, Managing Editor

The Pawtucket Red Sox team, a minor league affiliated in Rhode Island since 1973, has signed a deal to move to Worcester. According to the city of Worcester’s website, the ballpark project is anticipated to be complete in March of 2021. 18 acres of development are to be built — including apartments, hotels, retail, and restaurant space. The project incorporates infrastructure improvements to streets, sidewalks, lighting fixtures, and more. The notoriously dangerous Kelley Square intersection will also be reconstructed.


The PawSox (to be renamed the Worcester Red Sox), will work together with the city to design a roughly 10,000 seat stadium in the Canal District, a developing neighborhood that has been called “the downtown Worcester doesn’t yet have.”


No city tax revenue will be used to fund the project. Instead, the city plans to borrow $100 million to cover the stadium construction, as well as other related costs. Massachusetts is also committing $35 million in public money for the development over the next two to three years. As an added protection for taxpayers, the deal states that the team is responsible for paying any cost overruns of the stadium’s construction.


Depending on the success of the ballpark, the cost of living may increase in the Canal District in the years to come. However, with the business of baseball also comes new jobs in the surrounding area. Since the project is being entirely funded by the state, there is no real downside to taxpayers.


The Canal District and Worcester as a whole will be affected considerably by this decision. The excitement of a new ballpark has already brought businesses in the area together, and representatives sent more than 10,000 postcards to the Sox earlier this summer. An exciting new infrastructure such as this will serve as a catalyst to rejuvenate the developing community and help it grow even more, overall making the city of Worcester an increasingly desirable place to live.