Club Sports Bridge Gap Between Clarkies and Cougars

Clark's lesser known club sports include ice hockey, quidditch

Sara Conroy, Sports Editor

Among the many club sports on Clark’s campus includes the men’s ultimate frisbee team. Image courtesy of Clark Athletics.

Many students at Clark know that there are many sporting events on campus. However many do not know about the Club Sports programs at Clark. In addition to the sponsored NCAA team sports, there are also funded Club Sports where students can participate in intercollegiate games. According to Clark Athletics media the goal of the Club Sports program goal is “to encourage the development of dynamic, meaningful relationships that support the aspirations of Clark students for unqualified success in every endeavor”.

Club Sports are similar to the sponsored sports, in that these teams can schedule their own games and matches against other teams. They can also schedule regular training sessions and hold tryouts. However, these teams do not play in the New England Women’s and Men’s Athletic Conference nor do they schedule the same number of training and games as sponsored sports.

There were a total of 10 Club Sports offered in the 2017-2018 academic year, and all are expected to make a re-appearance for the 2018-’19 academic year. Here we’ll outline what sports are offered, how you can get involved, and a little bit of what you can expect from your experience on the club sports teams.

As mentioned before, there are a total of 10 Club Sports programs. These include Basketball, Equestrian, Ice Hockey, Quidditch, Men’s and Women’s Frisbee, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball and Women’s Lacrosse. These teams vary in their skill requirements, commitment level, and their competitive play. Most teams hold tryouts at the beginning of the academic year and develop competitive rosters, but some programs encourage individuals with any amount of previous experience to participate.

The Scarlet talked to the Club Sports Director and Head Women’s Soccer Coach, Brienne Smith, to find out what resources are available to Club Sports. She noted that some clubs are more active than others. Among those clubs that Smith noticed were the most active were Club Soccer, Club Quidditch, Men’s and Women’s ultimate frisbee, Ice Hockey, Equestrian and Club Volleyball. Smith provides assistance to these clubs through managing budgets, rosters, scheduling, travel requests, uniforms and equipment. This support is extremely important for helping ensure the success of this campus activity. Despite being a student led clubs, the participation in organized sports includes special precaution for safety among student athletes and the students are also required to follow various laws regarding organized student activity.

Other than ensuring the safety and well being of the student participants, Smith also helps club teams manage their resources. The Club Sports on receive budgets and similar campus resources to the sponsored sports. Money is provided to each club team by the Student Council to cover costs of membership, tournament fees, officials, travel and uniforms. Club sports also have access to the athletic equipment and facilities at the Dolan Sports Complex. With that said, the funding provided by the Student Council rarely covers all the costs associated with being a member of a Club team and thus students in each club help to subsidize costs of travel and facility use. This extra commitment can range depending on the sport, and those that travel further or cannot be played on our campus may incur a larger cost commitment to join.