Clarkies Take on Fenway


Sara Conroy, Sports Editor

On September 24th of this year, against the Baltimore Orioles, the Red Sox won their 106th game of the season setting a franchise record. According to ESPN, the Red Sox held the previous record of 105 games, which they set in 1912 before winning the World Series. The team was playing their 157th game of the season when they broke the record and their win against the Orioles will give them the homefield edge during the postseason matchups (ESPN). For Bostonians and for Red Sox fans all over the nation this is an extremely exciting time. To have playoff games held right in Boston, means fans can turn out to support the team to their possible World Series victory. Moreover, throughout history, the Red Sox have had a record of winning the World Series when they were among the top of leagues season records according to MLB News.


Whether you’re a Red Sox fan, a baseball fan, or none of the above, you may be interested to hear that many Clarkies were there to witness this truly historic event. The Graduate School of Management organized a trip for students and faculty to attend this Boston Red Sox game at Fenway Park. Tickets were only $22 for those who wanted to attend and the cost of the ticket included transportation to and from the game. The cheapest tickets, which only allow access to the stadium and a place in the standing room only sections, are close to double this amount. This trip, thus, was extremely accessible to the undergraduates, graduates and faculty who wanted to attend this game. In addition to having the chance to see a Red Sox game at their home stadium, Clarkies were right there to witness this incredible win for the Red Sox.


We talked to a Clarkie who attended the trip to find out what their experiences were in being a part of this special day for Clarkies and for baseball fans. When asked about her experience Jess Murgo (‘20) said, “I had a great time. Being by Fenway always reminds me of games I went to with my family when I was younger, and reliving the experience as an adult was just as fun. I went with one of my best friends, and it was her first time ever seeing a Sox game or being at Fenway, so it was really great to be a part of that with her. Together we got to experience the classic stadium food, singing Sweet Caroline, and the energy Boston sports fans have that you can’t find anywhere else”. In terms of being at Fenway to witness a historic win Murgo shared that while it wasn’t personally a life-altering moment in time, “the 106th win was just a cool thing to be able to call my dad about and hear him be excited”.


As a fan of many elite sports teams, it’s exciting to hear that Clark is getting involved in offering the opportunity for students to attend games that they may not otherwise get to see. Many students do not live close to major sporting complexes in their hometowns nor do all individuals have equal opportunity to access tickets to major sporting events. While, the use of student funds for individuals to attend a baseball game may sound trivial, the communal, social, and recreational benefits of having Clarkies get together and attend such events is an arguably a great use of resources.