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Top Law Schools Share Wisdom for Applying Students

Katy Flesher, Scarlet Staff

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Pre-Law Society, Pre-Law Advising, and the Law & Society Program sponsored a panel of admissions counselors from three renowned New England law schools in the Lurie Conference Room on Thursday, Sept. 27. This event allowed students to prepare for the law school application process, and gave helpful information for students pursuing law.  

Professor Mark Miller lead the panel in questions. The counselors represented the law schools of Boston University, Northeastern University, and the University of Vermont, all private, accredited, law schools within the universities. Though these schools vary in characteristics and opportunities, each school displayed its biggest interest in what a graduate applicant brings in terms of numbers. Counselors from the University of Vermont said they highly consider an applicant’s undergraduate GPA, and pay less attention to the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) score. On the other hand, Boston University prefers to see positive grade trends and the intensity of courses throughout the school years.  

Taking the LSAT is mandatory for every accredited law school applicant; it’s an important exam. To prepare you for the exam, Khan Academy has agreed to work with the board of the exam to deliver free online tutoring to potential law students. Actual questions from the exam will be discussed in Khan Academy’s concise videos. Because of this change, preparing for the LSAT is now a privilege that everyone can enjoy. Once a student receives the score, the panel advises that every applicant consider the LSAT range that a law school usually accepts.  

The panel’s intention was to encourage students to get ahold of their grades now, but that it should also be noted that letters of recommendation can actually make or break an acceptance. Making connections with professors is one advantage of going to a small school which can benefit Clark students looking to apply.

The panel of admissions counselors delivered sound advice throughout the hour. They made it clear that they were simply looking for a diverse pool of potential lawyers that seek to follow justice and law throughout their career. The best advice for a potential law school applicant came from Boston University’s counselor, who said “you cannot be admitted into a school to which you did not apply.” With these tips in mind, Clark students should be well-equipped to apply for law school.


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Top Law Schools Share Wisdom for Applying Students