Haunted Jonas Clark Returns for a Spoopy October Scare

Monica Sager, Scarlet Staff

Two years ago, it was the haunted asylum.

Last year Scarlet Clark, Dr. Jonas Clark’s sophomore daughter, went missing. Students who went to the Haunted Jonas Clark Hall event were met with riddles and questions throughout the way. They were the ones who had to help crack the case and find the missing girl.

This year is different yet again, but even The Scarlet doesn’t know the theme.

“Usually it’s a secret,” Samantha Hughson (19) said. “You got to come and find out. I think the fun thing about this haunted house is that it’s not necessarily scare—like it’s scary in that there’s jump scares and that kind of thing, but like it’s spooky, silly, just a really good time.”

The inside performance is facilitated by Clark Musical Theatre (CMT), Clark University Players Society (CUPS), and the improv groups, according to Hughson.

Toni Armstrong (19), Maria Connors (19), and Shawn McGarry (19) are also leading the event.

“There’s no real rhyme or reason to it,” Hughson explained. “We were just the ones that kind of started the conversation of it. There’s a lot more people involved.”

This year it’s not just the performing groups’ members acting in the haunted house; there are different members of the community working on set design, props, and even makeup.

Hughson, who is in charge of the outdoor festival part of the night, said there will be clubs tabling outside.

“This year’s a little different because we’re trying to do a lot more outdoor stuff,” Hughson said.

Clubs such as Clarkies Against Cancer/Relay for Life, Sociology Society, National Residency Hall Honorary (NRHH), and Clark’s Women in STEM will man tables throughout the night.

“I think one of them is doing bobbing for donuts [and] baked goods,” Hughson said.  

Hughson is also the co-president and founder of Clark’s Women in STEM.

“There’s going to be some dry ice, probably,” she said about the club’s table. “We’re [Clark’s Women in STEM] also trying to hopefully get the stuff for elephant toothpaste, but we’re not sure we’re going to be able to find it. It’s like this explosion thing. So just some fun experiments and just giving out candy.”

Some clubs will also be hosting fundraisers.

Students can pay to get henna done.

At 9:30pm there will be a costume contest, which was started by Mhairi Kilian (21).  

“That’s a new thing,” Hughson said.

While the rain may affect the event, there is a Plan B.

“We’re hoping if it does rain we can either have them at tables on Thursday and Friday, leading up to Saturday in the University Center,” Hughson said, “or maybe have them move the stuff and come in to here [Academic Commons], not on tables obviously, but maybe passing out donuts trying to get people to come.”

Looking toward the future, Hughson mentioned how the haunted house group hopes to make a committee in the Spring Semester, so that it’s “a lot easier and not so much stress on the performers because we want to make it open to more than just us.”

Bags and water bottles are not permitted inside Haunted Jonas Clark, according to the Facebook page. The event begins at 8pm Saturday, Oct. 20 and is to go until 10pm.