CUSC in Brief

Quote of the week; “Sanity is not statistical.” -George Orwell

Drashhti Bilimoria, Layout Editor

This week’s CUSC meeting was delayed to get enough members to vote. A new member, Christopher Carmona (22) was sworn in. After this, each committee updated Council on their findings for the week. Three grants were proposed and passed by Council members. The head of the Grants Committee, Lars Dahl (20), informed all Council members that there would likely be many grants next week. Finance committee reported that they had set the foundation for the year, with a regular meeting time, modem of communication, and timeline for the year. Election committee reported that they voted in a new Wright Hall representative.  Student life committee reported that a student expressed interest in Council providing transportation between colleges. Also, the Thanksgiving bus schedule will be up soon. Communications reported about an event from which the leftovers would be donated to Rachel’s Table. Judiciary Committee did not have much to report, with the exception of some characters that were not approved, and will be sent back to the committee the following week.


After this, Kate Summers() of the Grants Committee brought to light an issue regarding the underfunding of the library, and asked the Council to write a letter of support for a faculty motion passed last year to ask for more sustainable funding for the library. Council members discussed and asked for a copy of the motion passed last year as well as the letters of support written by the faculty committee as well as the Graduate student council. A vote will occur on the matter if a member does something. After this, another student came in to discuss with Council the inter-college bus system. Eric Barrese (18) brought up that a similar proposal had been tried, but fell through because the University was funding most of it.


E-Board gave some Council updates, after which new business was discussed. Council member Emma Dinnerstein (20) brought to light the lack of communication between Council and the student body. In the argument, she referred to a Scarlet article published last week about the lack of opposed tickets during the recent CUSC elections. This spurred a discussion among Council members, and Judiciary Committee highlighted that if it is decided that if it finds there was not enough outreach to students, the election results can be invalidated. Tim St. John, advisor to CUSC, suggested that Council show the students the value of Council. If students see the value in Council, he reasoned, they will be more willing to take on a more active role.



Aryana Kubiak (20) requested $160 to attend the ACUI regional VIII conference, with the money going towards registration, lodging, and transportation. The grant passed.

The second grant was requested by Nadav Battat() for lodging and transportation to present a paper at the New England Philosophy Association in Vermont. The grant, for $240, was approved.

RHA requested $500 from Council to fund an event with the Worcester Railers, which almost all other Consortium colleges would attend. RHA is currently under RLH, and their current budget is going towards transportation. Proposed grant money would go towards subsidizing the cost of tickets ($10 each) for students. The grant was approved.