An Evening for Eid

MSA Celebrates EID with a Bang

Drashhti Bilimoria, Layout Editor

This past weekend, the Muslim Students Association (MSA) hosted their annual Eid Dinner in Tilton Hall.

This year’s theme was “Muslim’s From Across the World,” and Tilton was aptly decorated with flags from all countries, not just those which are predominantly Muslim.  A paper mosque hung in the windows and decorative tapestries served as tablecloths for all the 

Via Clark University

tables. Each table featured a different game for the guests to play while they waited for the event to start, as well as icebreaker questions so people could get to know each other.

Decorations Chair and former MSA Secretary Nushki Harlalka describes the feeling of helping with the event as challenging, yet worthwhile. “This is the third Eid Dinner that I’ve taken an active part in putting together, and each year has been a challenge to do better than the year before. The feeling never gets old, watching the way people look at the decor and smile brightly,” Harlalka commented.

Though the festival of Eid is celebrated by Muslims, students of all faiths were invited. In addition, many e-board and audience members came in traditional garb, such as salwar kameezes and kurtas.

Host Zainab Farid (22) began the event with a brief description of Eid, and a short prayer (along with an English translation) followed. Afterwards, guest speaker Asima Silva of Enjoin Good (and WPI alum) gave a rousing and informative speech about “Understanding the American Muslim.”

Silva began the speech by highlighting how mainstream American media does not generally cast a positive light on Muslims, citing articles published after the Boston Marathon bombing.  

She continued to account for how America’s view on Muslims – as well as the American Muslim’s self-perception – has escalated from the 1990s Gulf War to 9/11, until the San Bernadino attacks. The formation of hate groups has spiked to over 800 groups, which have only become more vocal since President Trump’s inauguration.

After Silva’s speech, Farid announced that dinner would be served. The buffet-style dinner, served by various members of the e-board, featured both halal chicken and vegetarian options. After dinner, Zohaib Bilal (19) and Adina Cohen (19) performed, winding down the evening with live music.

At the end of the event, all guests were given Eidi in the form of candy, traditionally a gift given by elders during Eid. Guests were also invited to take pictures at the photo station and take part in freestyle dancing.