Cougar of the Week: Hannah Honig

Sara Conroy, Sports Editor

This week the Scarlet was joined by Hannah Honig. Honig is a Sophomore on the women’s rowing team this year, and was chosen by the Scarlet writing staff to be our Cougar of the Week. Hannah races in the Open 8 for the Clark Cougars. Read more to find out what Hannah’s doing on campus and how she’s getting into the fall spirit!

Scarlet:  What’s your major/ how did you end up choosing it?

Honig: So, I haven’t necessarily declared a major yet, but I am leaning towards phycology and potentially the new Community Youth and Educational Studies major because I’m really interesting in being a teacher.

Scarlet: Would you consider doing the “5th year” program in Education here?

Honig: Oh yeah that’s definitely something that made me want to come to Clark in the first place!

Scarlet:  What does being a student-athlete mean to you?

Honig: Um, I think it’s a really nice way for me to kind of balance everything I do. Because I feel like without having it I have too much free time and I ‘kinda’ like how it makes me… like it makes me have less time sometimes, but it’s nice to be able to learn how to balance everything. It’s also really nice to be a part of a team.

Scarlet:  When did you start rowing/ what motivated you to participate in rowing?

Honig: So, I didn’t start until the beginning of last year. I kind of just wanted to try a new sport in college and its walk on, so I figured I might as well give it a shot. I knew a girl from my high school who was coming here [to Clark] and she was interested in rowing. So I was like, “that sounds pretty cool”.

Scarlet:  Do you have a favorite spot to be on campus? Why?

Honig: I guess my favorite like study spot on campus would be on the fifth floor [of the library] like overlooking… I don’t know, it’s really nice this time of year to see all the pretty leaves and stuff.

Scarlet: Oh definitely, fall foliage is a definite plus of New England. Are you from the New England area?

Honig: Yes, I actually live about like a half hour away.

Scarlet:  Since we’re coming up on Halloween, would you mind sharing if you have any costume ideas for this year?

Honig: I’ve been going back and forth. I’m not sure yet, but still so many different options.

Scarlet: Did you have a favorite costume from your younger years?

Honig: I know when I was younger, I was really into Harry Potter, and so I would dress up as Hermione. I was thinking about doing that again, but I’m not sure.

Scarlet:  Do you have a favorite show on television now? Or are you a Netflix ‘binger’?

Honig: I think one of my go to shows would definitely be The Office. I’ve watched it like three of four times.

Scarlet: That’s certainly a popular one! Do you have a favorite character?

Honig: That’s a really hard question. I’m a big fan of Dwight, I think he’s hysterical.