Sarah Conroy, Sports Editor

In Los Angeles this past Monday, the Boston Red Sox won the World Series in Game Five of the Series. The Sox had dominated the Series winning three of their games by double the points of their opponent. This was the 9th World Series win for the Red Sox in franchise history. Many were hopeful that the Sox could win first four games straight to clinch the trophy early, but nevertheless the Red Sox took the World Series title home to Boston.

If you know absolutely nothing about baseball, as was the case for me earlier this week, there are some simple things you should know about the World Series. The World Series is the culminating championship series in Major League Baseball (MLB). There are two leagues in the MLB, the American League and the National League. After these two league’s play out their seasons, they send their champions to the World Series. The Series is a best-of-seven playoff between these two teams. Just in case it’s a trivia question in the near future, baseball teams are playing for the Commissioner’s Trophy during the World Series.

With all that in mind, the Red Sox has cruised to the World Series this year. They had a total of 108 wins on the season, about two-thirds of their total games in the American League (MLB). This was a record breaking number of wins for the Red Sox. On September 24th, the Sox won their 106th win on the season, which broke the franchise single-season wins record which had stood since 1912 (ESPN). It’s been a remarkable season for the Red Sox and it has Bostonians and North East locals really excited.

We talked to one of Clark’s biggest Red Sox fans to find out how Sox fans are reacting to their win. Here’s what Nicole Minghella (‘20) had to say about the role the Red Sox have played in her life, “The Red Sox have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and I am more than spoiled in my 21 years of life to have already seen them win four World Series titles! I have lived in Massachusetts, on the North Shore my entire life, so I not only love the Red Sox,  I also despise the Yankees. All of my family members are huge Red Sox fans, so we were at the edge of our seats during every postseason game, texting and snapchatting each other when the game was going well, and even when less than desirable things were happening.”

Nicole also shared with us her thoughts on the team this year, “The Red Sox are a team that is made up of such wholesome, top-notch guys and seeing them win it all was an emotional experience, to say the least. They proved themselves to be the best team during the regular season both offensively and defensively, especially our stellar outfield, that it would have been almost criminal if they didn’t at least beat the Yankees in the Division Series. Watching this team play this season was incredible, and I think it’s safe to say that most Red Sox fans saw the amazing chemistry that these guys had. This entire World Series was like watching a movie with the most cinematic ending when Chris Sale our ace pitcher struck out Manny Machado. Listening to the songs ‘Dirty Water’ and ‘Tessie’ after this incredible win made the experience that much more special and emotional. Although I am biased, there isn’t a team that was more deserving of the World Series Champions title. Seeing the Red Sox win yet another World Series title makes me so proud to be a Bostonian.”

You were sure to meet plenty more people like Madison if you attended the parade this past Wednesday. The Sox brought the Commissioner’s Trophy home to Beantown for the duck boat procession through the city. The victory parade was held on Halloween, October 31st, starting at eleven in the morning. The parade began at the historic Fenway Park and finished on New Sudbury Street. Bostonians poured into the street for the celebration and many from outside the city came in to be a part of the moment. Fans apparently got really rowdy at the parade. Some could even be chucking beer cans at the parade participants as they went by. CBS reported that Commissioner’s Trophy sustained damage to the golden flags atop the trophy.

With the World Series win still fresh in the minds of Bostonians, the many New Englanders will turn their attention to America’s other game, football. The New England Patriots are at the top of the American Football Conference East league. Keep checking into the Scarlet for more national sports news.