Clark Students Impress at Drag Ball


Courtesy of Lital Dotan

Julia Baldacci, Managing Editor

Hosted by OPEN, Clark held its annual Drag Ball on Oct. 25 in Tilton Hall. Each year, enthusiastic performers, dressed in drag, entertain students in a free display of talent and style. Students of all genders were invited to dress in drag or wear costumes and the hall was filled with Halloween streamers, pumpkins, stickers, and various other decorations.

Though the event started at 9pm, performances began at 10 and lasted until midnight. In the meantime, catchy music played in the background and refreshments were offered. Students arriving to the Drag Ball were asked to consider signing a petition that would move OPEN’s office space to one that is more accessible than the one the university provided this past summer. Residential Life and Housing (RLH), now conjoined with Student Leadership and Programming (SLP), is occupying the space where OPEN, Choices, and The Scarlet were formerly located.

The first performer of the night was Zachary Noel, who lip synced and danced to a medley of popular songs. Starting off with the empowering “God is a Woman” by Ariana Grande, Zach moved her way across the stage and onto the floor to interact with the audience. She notably pulled off several death drops during her set, a maneuver in which a dancer, typically a drag queen, dramatically falls backwards into a pose on the ground.

The medley consisted of a few abrupt intermissions between the music, one of which involved a dialogue between Adam and Eve played as another student came onto the stage in a leaf costume. Zach also incorporated a well known meme in her performance of Tyra Banks shouting at a contestant on her show America’s Next Top Model. She lip synched along to her voice yelling “I was rooting for you! How dare you?” and it resulted in a big laugh by everyone in attendance.

Zachary might have been a tough act to follow for some, but that was not the case at this year’s Drag Ball. After a small technical difficulty, a student appropriately clad in a white afro by the stage name of “Afro-dite” danced to a slower number- Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi”. In sky-high heels, she pranced her way down the stage to interact with a man that she was seducing in the number. Afro-dite pulled away dancing while the other student vied after her throughout the set, resulting in a highly dynamic and visual performance that was well thought out. During the final chorus of the song, Afro-dite poured fake blood that was stored in her top all over his chest which got a big reaction from the crowd, thus, recreating Lady Gaga’s iconic 2009 VMA performance of the song. After a brief intermission, the night finished off with Zach’s encore. This year’s Drag Ball, was overall, an enjoyable night filled with fun, music and talented drag queens. If you missed out this time, be sure to experience it next year!