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Senator Elizabeth Warren Inspires Young Voters in Tilton Hall

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Senator Elizabeth Warren Inspires Young Voters in Tilton Hall

Image courtesy of Gari de Ramos

Image courtesy of Gari de Ramos

Image courtesy of Gari de Ramos

Image courtesy of Gari de Ramos

Gari de Ramos, Contributing Writer

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“Nobody can afford to sit this election out,” said Worcester’s Congressman Jim McGovern on Thursday, Oct. 25 in Clark’s very own Tilton Hall. Speaking at Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Worcester Early Vote Rally, Congressman McGovern’s speech was a rallying cry to get out the vote for the midterms come November 6.  

Combatting the news of voter suppression spurring around the country, the Worcester Early Vote Rally focused on getting voters to the polls in Massachusetts, which has an early voting period from October 22 to November 2.  

The theme of the event was persistence, something Massachusetts voters cannot take for granted in a reliably Democratic state. In order to get voters excited, the event had several prominent speakers lined up, including Senator Harriette Chandler, former Clarkie David LeBouef running for State Representative, Congressman Jim McGovern, the Democratic nominee for Massachusetts governor Jay Gonzalez, and Senator Elizabeth Warren.  

Opening the rally, Senator Chandler spoke about the need not only for a blue wave, but also a tidal wave. It is not enough to get Democrats to take back control of the federal House of Representatives. As would all speakers proceeding her, Senator Chandler – who is herself a Democrat seeking reelection – expressed her support for Democrats up and down the ballot in Massachusetts.  

One of these Democrats is former Clark David Lebouef, who is running for the 17th Worcester Districts’ State Representative. LeBouef sees the local fight in Massachusetts as a “microcosm” of what’s going on at the national level. Not only is he fighting to defend issues such as women’s health care and equal opportunity, but he is also making his campaign about “what’s right and what’s wrong.”  

Echoing LeBouef’s sentiment, Congressman McGovern called on voters to “reclaim decency in our politics.” Critical of President Trump and the comfort he brings to white supremacists, McGovern is seeking reelection with the hope of returning integrity and civility to our government.  

In line with fellow Democrats’ appeal to dignity, Jay Gonzalez, the Democrats’ nominee for Massachusetts’ governor, asked for voters to “aim high” since “now is not the time to be lowering our expectations.” Gonzalez expressed his goals to fight big money, make education affordable, fix public transit, combat climate change, and introduce a single-payer health care system.  

Unlike the previous speakers, Gonzalez had a lot of convincing to do. Polling aggregator FiveThirtyEight projects Gonzalez has a less than one percent chance of winning the Governor’s seat. He still, however, came with jokes and hope. “I know I’m the little guy in this election,” said Gonzalez, who requires a stand to be able to speak at the podium, “literally.” Keeping in line with the theme of the event – persistence – Gonzalez expressed his desire to represent Massachusetts and “lead from the head, but fight from the heart.”

Once Gonzalez had exited the stage, it was time for the main speaker. Almost everyone in the audience whipped out their phones and turned to the back of the room in anticipation for Elizabeth Warren – one of the nation’s leading Democrats in the fight against the Trump administration. Her speech was not unlike other campaign speeches. She recalled her roots as a working woman and her belief in a country that “produces opportunity not just for those at the top, but for all.”  

Senator Warren encouraged everyone to hop on the buses organized by the event to drive to the polls and vote early. Not only did she remind everyone to vote, but she also pushed for people to be part of the effort to get out the vote. Such a sentiment could be seen with Worcester’s Socialist Alternative lobbying outside the event encouraging voters to vote yes on the first and third ballot questions, respectively regarding patient limits for nurses and transgender rights.  

“We are in this fight together,” Senator Warren said, “and nevertheless, we will persist.”

Election day is Tuesday, November 6. Registered voters in Worcester may vote in various locations, including St. Peter’s Catholic Church on 929 Main Street. Click here to find a voter guide based on your voting location.


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Senator Elizabeth Warren Inspires Young Voters in Tilton Hall