Academic Weapons

Sara Conroy, Sports Editor

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Clark University prides itself on its athletic programs, but did you know that student-athletes at Clark are also academic weapons-a term student-athletes are using to describe student-athletes with high grades- as well?


A total of 39 student-athletes made the Academic All Conference honors during the Fall Season. Yes, you heard that right. 32 percent of fall athletes made the academic honors list this season.


The list of students who made honors includes six athletes on the men’s cross country team, eight athletes from women’s cross country, fifteen athletes from women’s soccer, seven athletes from men’s soccer, one athlete on the women’s field hockey team, and two athletes on the women’s volleyball team. To find out which of your favorite cougars achieved Academic All Conference this season, you can head to the Clark Athletics webpage and catch up with these teams.


To earn this honor a student athlete must maintain a 3.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale after the 2017 spring semester, achieved a second year status, and been a member of the varsity team for the entire season.


For many student athletes around the nation, it can be difficult to juggle athletics and academics, but it’s clear that Clark University has some ‘wicked smart’ student-athletes. We asked senior Women’s soccer captain Eliza Meltzer (‘19), who’s made Academic All Conference all three years she was eligible, how she managed to maintain such a high academic status while playing competitive soccer.


Here’s what she had to say: “Having such a demanding practice and game schedule made me very cognizant of my time management. I had to learn really early on in my college career how to balance athletics and academics and having that skill translated into success in the classroom”.