CEC’s Market Square Gives Clark’s Entrepreneurs Chance to Flourish

Drashhti Bilimoria, Layout Editor

Every year, budding entrepreneurs, students with their own businesses, and potential buyers come together for Clark Entrepreneurs Club (CEC)’s Market Square. The event, which has been held for longer than most e-board members can remember, allows students who run businesses or want to try their hand at entrepreneurship to buy and sell a variety of products from their peers. Sellers get to exhibit their products and become more exposed to the public (at no cost; sellers keep 100% of their profits)

“What we really want to do is give Clark Entrepreneurs an opportunity to essentially showcase their product in a market style that’s essentially open to anyone at Clark and the general public as well as to come buy their product or learn more about it,” CEC’s president Thomas Alden remarked. “We really want to get word out there about this opportunity so they can sign up with us this year, attend the event — maybe they’ll see something they really like and want to get involved with the club.”

Last year, over 250 people attended over the three-hour period. One of the club’s objectives this year was to make sure more people knew about the event so that those who were interested would be more likely to come, and potential sellers for the event next year could come see how the event works.

One thing that will change from last year, Alden remarked, was that sellers are now required to leave a deposit with CEC that they will get back at the end of the event to ensure that sellers remain for the entire time. The fee is not large and is discounted for sellers that have signed up in the past.

Though some of the vendors participate to enhance a group project (i.e. for Management 100 or Entrepreneurship 115), other vendors are just some of Clark’s self-started business ideavists. For Maria Pena (’19), the opportunity to sell products in a venue where all the marketing is done for her was just too good to be true. Last year, Pena sold her products on a weekly basis, and saw Market Square as a good opportunity to boost sales and awareness of her product. Though her business has become somewhat neglected this year, Pena hopes that Market Square will serve as a (re)launching point for her treats. According to Pena, one of the best parts of Market Square is the amount of options available to buyers, from food to clothes to everything in between.

Vendors are organized by category (food, clothes, etc) and the setup allows for potential buyers to more easily find what they are interested in, as well as explore items from sellers that they may not have originally known about.

Because Market Square is being held in Tilton this year, both e-board members and sellers alike are adamant that this will result in a higher turnout.

“It makes you more resilient, Pena said about facing potential buyers. “That’s when you really know whether or not you really want to do it, whether you really want to put yourself and your product out there.”

This year’s Market Square will be held on Nov. 18 from 11am to 2pm in Tilton Hall.