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Action Required: New Clark OneCard

Bridgette Sullivan, Scarlet Staff

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Phone? Check. Wallet? Check. Keys? Check. OneCard? Check. This is the common daily ritual for Clark students before they leave their dorm or apartment. The Clark ID card or “OneCard” is on every student’s list of necessities and fulfills many important purposes. The OneCard permits access to the dining facilities, campus events and buildings, athletic facilities and the parking garage, printing services, and more.

On October 22 at 10am, a campus wide email was sent to all Clark students, faculty, and staff reading, “Action Required: New Clark OneCard.”

The email explained that all students, faculty, and staff will need to turn in their old OneCards in exchange for new ones. The email read, “In order to improve reliability and security of Clark’s OneCard system, you will be getting a new OneCard. This new card will support additional technologies to improve the longevity of the card, and simplify the process of using your card.”

Old OneCards can be traded in up until November 21 at the ITS Help Desk during regular hours of operation: Monday through Thursday 8am to 2am, Friday 8am to 5pm, Saturday 12pm to 5pm and Sunday 12pm to 2am.

Senior Jesus Manuel Robles Garcia, who works at Clark’s ITS Help Desk explained, “The new cards have a number near the magnetic strip on the back. The new OneCards have a chip in them that will let you tap into buildings instead of swiping.”

Next semester, the tap feature and other new functionalities of the card will be introduced. Stay tuned for an email detailing the contactless entry to buildings and other new features.

The new OneCard will do everything the old card did and more. To get your new card, students, faculty, and staff are being sent to the ITS Help Desk in the Academic Commons. Help Desk workers sift through boxes with over 3,000 OneCards searching for the names of students, faculty, and staff who have turned in their old cards.

Senior Lisa Musumba said, “It was a really simple process to get my new card. I handed over my old one, they found my new one, and the exchange was done in minutes.”

The email also said, in bold lettering, “To obtain your new OneCard at the Help Desk, you must return your old OneCard.”

Some students are hesitant and nostalgic about handing over their old OneCards, especially upperclassman. Senior Heather Riesenberg, was distraught about having to part with her original OneCard, “That specific card has a special place in my heart. No matter how hard I’ve tried, I’ve never lost that specific one. I’ve had that piece of plastic since my first day at Clark, and it’s devastating that I had to give it back just because there is a new system I may not even use.”

Riesenberg added, “I don’t really understand why I had no choice but to exchange my ID. I get that they are updating the system so that buildings access and dining hall swipes are touch accessible and therefore they need to get new cards, but as a senior living off campus I don’t do either of those things. I really only use my OneCard for printing.”

Underclassman and students still living on campus are more concerned with their dependency on their OneCard than the sentimental connection to their original ID. First-Year Brenda Partida commented on her OneCard’s role in her life at Clark, “Being new to the school and city of Worcester in general, I am relying on Clark for my housing and food. As a first year, my OneCard allows me access to those resources. I’m excited that the process of using my card will be more efficient, but I’m sure the change won’t be too drastic.”

For a first year who may not have their student ID number ingrained in their memory like most upperclassman, Partida added, “It also has my student ID number on it which is essential for things like accessing certain student account information, online resources and other things of that nature.”

All student, faculty, and staff are required to obtain a Clark OneCard. It serves as your official university identification and should be carried with you at all times while on campus.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact the OneCard Office at:

[email protected] or 508-793-7109. Happy swiping, I mean tapping!

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Action Required: New Clark OneCard