CUSC in Brief 11.29.2018

Drashhti Bilimoria , Layout Editor

This week’s meeting was packed with students and staff alike for the penultimate meeting of the semester. Once the reading of last week’s minutes was waived and approved, grants up for discussion were brought up. The first grant was submitted by the Student Life Committee to help cover the costs of the Boston buses. The grant passed with a majority in agreement with abstentions from the Student Life Committee.

The next grant was from Clark University Rapid Response. CURR requested $1500 to cover the costs of providing three of their members with EMT certification, as none of their remaining members for the next semester have the necessary certifications needed for the club to continue. Funds were allocated per the motion.

After this, Rohan Roger requested $1000 to cover costs he will incur when presenting his research at the third International Conference on Astronomy and Space Science in London. The grant was passed with a majority vote.

The fourth grant was submitted by Joseph Teng, to cover the cost of attending the Urbana Conference. This opportunity, Teng explained, would provide him a chance to learn more about student leadership. The grant passed with a majority vote.

The penultimate grant was requested by the Grind Ad Hoc Committee to cover the cost of furniture and other extra expenses that weren’t initially accounted for in the original $80,000 allocation.

The last grant submitted was one that sparked a lengthy discussion between the student council representatives. Akhmadjon Kurbanov initially requested $831, which the grants committee reduced to $66. The initial $831 was intended to cover transportation and the costs of living in New York for one week before attending a conference in Israel. While the costs of the conference (the Caravan for Democracy Student Leadership Mission to Israel) were all covered – including the flight, food, and accommodation during the conference – Kurbanov was requesting money to cover costs of accommodation for the week after student housing closes and the conference. Grants committee reported that they normally did not cover costs incurred before a conference, which sparked debate between other councilmembers. Kurbanov then distributed copies of the Student Council Bylaws, in which he argued that it was not explicitly stated costs before a conference could not be covered by a grant. Grants committee chair Lars Dahl replied that the copies he was distributing were inaccurate, as the fund it is referring to was removed a few years ago.

Eventually, Kurbanov amended his request to $339.5 to cover costs for part of the week, as he said he’d made other plans for accomodation for the other part. Though he did not elaborate on what these accommodations were, discussion continued among the council members until the matter was tabled due to time constraints.

Michael Newmark then gave updates from Cark Dining, and asked for feedback from the Council representative. Newmark first reported that the Freight Farm has been generating positive press for Clark; in addition, they are now experimenting with other fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes and strawberries. Next Wednesday (12.5.18), Clark Dining will be hosting a Freight Farm Special. The next day, December 6, will be the cafeteria’s annual holiday dinner. In preparation for finals week, Jazzman’s will be open until 3am starting December 11.

Clark Dining has also been working with the Sustainability Office and Jenny Isler to implement sustainable initiatives. For example, reusable straws will be available for purchase at Jazzman’s next semester. In addition, Clark Dining is working on a mobile ordering system for the fall of next year.

Council’s next guest was Doctor J, who gave a presentation in favor of the Yunus Social Business initiative. The presentation allowed council to learn more about the Center and ask questions in person from a third-party who’d interacted with the organization previously.

Because council was coming to the ending time for the meeting, most Standing Committee, Representative, and E-Board updates were pushed to next week’s meeting. Elections Committee, due to the time sensitive nature, was allowed to appoint Alli Jutras and Zachary Zavila to the Dining Committee and Navim Ali Ahmed to the Student Health Insurance Committee.

Kurbanoz’s grant, from earlier discussion, was then untabled. After more discussion, the grant was passed with a majority vote.

The meeting ended around 7:30pm.



$800 were allocated to the Student Life Committee to cover costs of the Boston Buses.

CURR was granted $1500 for EMT certification.

Rohan Roger was allocated $1000 for costs incurred while presenting his research at the 3rd International Conference on Astronomy and Space Science in London.

Joseph Teng was allocated $360 to attend the Urbana Conference.

$2500 were allocated to the Grind Ad Hoc Committee to cover the cost of furniture and other extra expenses.

Akhmadjon Kurbanov was allocated $339.5 to cover costs before attending the Caravan for Democracy Student Leadership Mission to Israel.