CUSC in Brief 11.15.2018

Drashhti Bilimoria , Layout Editor

This week’s Council meeting got off to a bumpy start as CUSC members realized their meeting room was in the wrong setup! While the problem was quickly amended, the meeting began a bit late. After role call and waiving the reading of last week’s minutes, Council began to discuss the grants for the week.

The first grant brought up for discussion was submitted on behalf of the CPG Peer Educators. Interns at the CPG are trying to build connections between the mental health liaisons at the CPG and the student body through a website or blog. The site will allow students to have more readily available access to information as well as a chat option. To get this up and running, the group requested $40 to cover the costs of the site’s subscription.

Finance Committee reported that they had their first session for mid-year budget deliberation, and that they had received 96 out of the 100 budget and audit deliberations. Finance Committee plans to have decisions and appeals finished with decisions released before Thanksgiving break. In addition, the wording for the proposed SAF referendum will be completed by the November. 29th meeting.

Elections Committee reported that they’d scheduled interviews for committee applications.

The Student lIfe Committee reported that they talked to Uber about potential discounted rates, as discussed in the last meeting, and that the committee plans on meeting to go over budget updates.

Communications reported that they plan to start tabling about the Council art initiative and that they expect to have a few submissions by the end of December.

The Judiciary Committee reported that they have an investigation and are slightly backed up on charters.

Council representatives then gave their own updates.

Treasurer David Sullivan brought to light concerns some students had regarding Student Accounts’ behaviour towards the student body. Issues brought up include the stress of being financially withdrawn and its effects on students, especially international students who have to leave the country when they are withdrawn from the  terms of their visas. As a response, Council may consider conducting a student body survey and tailoring suggestions based off responses. President Eric Barrese remarked that he is meeting with Francy Magee to discuss these issues with the Board of Trustees with three potential solutions to the situations student have found themselves in: customer service training, diversity and inclusion training, and transparency.

After representative updates, E-Board then presented Council with updates on their behalf. President Eric Barrese reminded all Council members to sign up for tabling slots to raise more awareness for Council among the student body. In addition, he reported that he and Treasurer David Sullivan reported that they had an idea for investing in local businesses rather than in fossil fuels. David added that he would like to create a list of ethical and local vendors clubs could purchase from. Vice President Sameen Azad then introduced the idea of trying to open a Yunus Social Center at Clark, which spurred a lot of discussion. Some questions included how the center would be funded, what this funding would be, and how (and whether) the space would be supported by Clark. After discussion, Council agreed to table the topic until the following week so that representatives would have time to think the matter over.

Azad then gave updates about the Grind’s renovation as well as when Michael Newmark from Sodexo would be meeting with Council to give updates on Clark Dining.

Treasurer David Sullivan gave Council updates about the cumulative surplus arts initiative. Cumulative Surplus is a fund that Council has at its disposal ; money from the surplus comes from clubs that don’t spend all their money. Some projects funded by this fund include the renovation of the Grind, proving CURR with a vehicle, and the parking lot on Downing Street.  The goal of the arts initiative is to display student artwork outside of Traina. Places chosen for selected art to be displayed include the Higgins cafeteria, Wright and Hughes, and art would be protected by lockable cases.

The meeting ended with E-Board stating that they were thankful for all of Council, and the meeting adjourned around 7:30 pm.


CPG Peer Educators were allocated $40 to cover the cost of a monthly blog description.