CUSC 1.31.19

“Wake me up when January ends” – not Green Day

Drashhti Bilimoria , Layout Editor

This week’s meeting started late due to quorum issues; however, once the meeting began, CUSC jumped straight into business.

First, Grants applications were discussed and awarded. The first grant awarded $3000 to SURJ to cover printing costs for 200 copies of their journal that will be released on Academic Spree Day. It passed with a majority vote.

The next grant application was submitted by Abdur Rahman Muhammad, for 155.81 to attend the MIT Sloan Investment Conference. The amount awarded was amended to $80 due to a cap, and the grant passed with a majority vote.

The final two grants were awarded to Jack Han and Christy Dodson, for $73.5 each to attend the Yankee Dental Conference.

Council then moved on to standing committee updates.

Finance Committee reported that they were continuing with final deliberations with a possible council vote the following week to finalize Mid-Year Budget allocations.

The Elections Committee reported that they will soon be dealing with special election and committee appointments.

The Student Life Committee reported that they had finalized their new meeting times as well as the bus schedules for Spring Break.

Communications reported that they were making progress on the art initiative, through tabling, and outreach to the craft studio. They also reported that they were looking into working with the student life committee to release information about the bus schedules.

The Judiciary Committee reported no updates.

Council then moved on to representative updates. Minority representative Eunice Dollete reported that they met with those running the MOSAIC Space in the MFGSS office, and were looking to collaborate with them to make the minority representative position as beneficial to the student body as possible. JSC representative Emma Dinnerstein reminded everyone to sign up for CUSC tabling.

E-Board then gave their own updates to the rest of Council. President Eric Barrese reported that he and advisor Tim St. John ordered display cases for the art submitted to the art initiative. Vice President Sameen Azad brought up the idea of providing certificates to members of Council as a reward or proof of service, as previously mentioned in last week’s meeting, which spurred another discussion this week. He also pitched the idea of Council hosting a Finals Stress-Relief event. Treasurer David Sullivan reported that the Student accounts survey was almost completed, and Secretary Nicole Luka asked all committee chairs to input summaries of their updates into the meeting minutes.

Advisor Tim St. John ended the meeting with a reminder about the leadership summit held this weekend, and how he hoped to see Council representation there.



SURJ was allocated $3000 to cover printing costs of their annual academic journal.

Abdur Rahman Muhammad was allocated $80 to cover costs incurred in attending the MIT Sloan Investment Conference.

Jack Han and Christy Dodson were allocated $73.5 each to attend the Yankee Dental Conference.