Never Doubt the Patriot Dynasty

Arianna Reyes, Editor-in-Chief

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Sunday, February 3rd: the big day. The New England Patriots were up against the Los Angeles Rams. The majority of the country was rooting for the Rams, save for every die hard Pats fan from around the country.

The amount of Facebook posts and Tweets stating “there are so many other things I’d rather be doing than watching the Patriots win another Super Bowl” was kind of comical, but the fact that the Brady-Belichick dynasty is still underway makes the hate even better. Especially because the dynasty won their sixth ring and only by a single touchdown in the fourth quarter.

The last few years, the Super Bowl has been like a holiday around New England. Friends and family gather together, with good food and drinks to make the ordeal a special occasion. The atmosphere prior to tip off is always light hearted and fun, but as soon as the coin toss is on screen, it’s time to be serious.

This year every Patriots fan thought that if the Rams had won the coin toss they would take the ball for themselves, but for some reason they decided to kick it off to the Pats. Sitting in my living room, my entire family started chattering about the fact that Rams not taking the ball was a dumb idea.

The entirety of the game was extremely tense, however, it felt like it went on forever. The amount of back and forth between both teams was almost hair-pulling, teeth wrenchingly boring.

Neither team could get the upper hand on the other, making the game stay at a stand still for close to its entirety. According to most of America the game was incredibly boring, even most New Englanders thought it was boring, but the Patriots won and that’s all that mattered.

The first field goal scored by the Patriots gave them a tiny advantage against the Rams. They had finally put some points onto the board. Leading into the fourth quarter the game was still tied at 3-3 after the Rams had also scored a field goal. The fourth quarter was the most tense out of all of them, with everyone was on the edge of the seats, waiting to see if the Pats would pull it off, and of course they did.

The final and only touchdown of the Super Bowl was scored by Sony Michel with about seven minutes left in the quarter; everyone went wild. This led to more fighting on the field for the Rams to attempt to score a touchdown, but in the end the Patriots managed to score another field goal.

This was what solidified another Patriots win, and as the Rams attempted to pull a miracle off in the last two minutes of the game they simply just could not.

The MVP Julian Edelman truly deserved the title, he fought like hell to win his third Super Bowl with the Patriots. He did not quit, and kept pushing through no matter who was covering him. Edelman’s persistence was a major reason for the win.

Along with Edelman, Rob Gronkowski was another key role in the win. And of course, Tom Brady, who many said was too old, managed to offer the critical leadership and skill that was necessary for victory.

It is difficult to know with certainty how the patriots will proceed into the foreseeable future with their Centerpiece, Mr. Brady, careening towards his mid forties. However, one thing is certain; the Brady-Belichick dynasty has been one of the most enduring, awe-inspiring partnerships American Football has ever seen.