New Club Set to Bring Opportunities to Clarkies

Naomi Geffken, Contributing Writer

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This Wednesday, February 13th, a new club on campus called the Clark Center for Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship or TIE, hosted its first general interest meeting. TIE celebrated with free Boba Tea and Pupusas in the Lurie Conference Room. One of the founders said, “we wanted to have a party with virtual reality headsets, music, and good food”.

The club is only one semester old but has big plans to bring more opportunities to Clark’s campus. In addition to the general interest meeting, TIE has events and workshops planned for the rest of the semester and hopes to host a hackathon in 2020.

“TIE is bringing opportunities to Clarkies which have been previously reserved for students of the most prestigious of institutions”, said Evan Hoffman, Director of External Events.

Co-President, Geva Segal, said, “As part of our college experience, we have the opportunity to be surrounded by fascinating individuals. TIE’s goal is to bring these people together to create outcomes which will benefit us and Clark. This is happening through collaboration, connections, events, and creative projects organized by TIE”. He added, “It’s already making an impact inside and outside of Clark and results with personal enrichment for the people who are taking part in it”.

So far, the club has sent members to multiple hackathons, winning awards at MIT, Harvard, Wellesley, and UMass Amherst, and is set to host weekly hackathon workshops on campus. The club is attracting students from all disciplines, from studio art to geography. An economics major said, “TIE has already helped me gain the tools to turn my research into stories through data visualization. I can’t wait to get more involved”. At the general interest meeting, Clarkies covered a board with ideas they wanted to explore with the club, and tools and opportunities they wanted to see brought to them by TIE.

The treasurer, Sam Rubel added, “I’m excited to set forth an organization that’s fueled by curiosity and achievement”. One of the founders, Faustina Owusu, explained, “I want to reach out to people who are not computer science majors and teach them a skill, such as python,to give them an advantage when it comes to applying for jobs or internships. I want people to know that computer science is not hard and it could be for everyone. But the only way to let them know that is by providing with such resources”.

While the boba is gone and the papusus are eaten, TIE’s first meeting is in the Prouty Conference Room next Monday, February 18th, at 8:30pm. Everyone and anyone is welcome to come by for hot chocolate and to discuss this semester’s agenda.