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Drinking Habits

Kenny Liappes, Contributing Writer

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This past weekend the Regatta Players, a local theatre group based in Shrewsbury, Mass. put on a production of Drinking Habits, a play written by Tom Smith. The play is a form of comedic farce that tells the story of two reporters, Sally, played by Molly Sheehan, and Paul, played by James Lamoureux; these two characters are on a mission to find the winner of a wine contest who has won half a million dollars.

Their boss sends them to a local convent that is suspected of making the wine that won the contest. However, the duo find themselves tied up in a sticky situation when they try and blend in at the convent for the Sisters of Perpetual Sewing, while trying to get the latest scoop for the paper. The Regatta’s director, Katie Preisig Schiering, did a fantastic job bringing the story to life and bringing the audience  along for the crazy ride of twists and turns; the play gets more complex when the audience is introduced to more characters like Mother Superior, played by Marie Gertje; and the other nuns at the convent, Sister Philomena, played by Crystal Welch, as well as sister Augusta who is played by Robyn Spain.

As the play progresses we find that everyone in the convent has a different perspective on what’s happening. Each character in the convent, other than the two reporters, believes that everyone else is a spy. Yet they can’t seem to the decide whether it’s Sister Mary Catherine, played by Melissa Dion), a new nun who has been sent to the convent, or Father Paul, our beloved reporter Paul in disguise. As suspicion grows, many are asked to put on disguises to try and find out more about who the hidden spy could be! Alas, by the end of the show we find out much more than who the spy is!

Overall, the company did a great job of making the audience feel as if they themselves were in the play.. We immediately got roped into all the melodrama that the show had to offer. They had many innovative special effects,  from creating sound effects of wine bottles to fooling our eyes and mind into thinking that life is being slowed down.

The stage manager and fellow Clark alumni, Tara Wykes, made sure that the production ran smoothly every night. She constantly made sure that all departments of the production (actors, set, runners, etc.) were on the same page to enhance the experience of the show. She, and everyone, achieved an immersive world that was enjoyable to watch. There are still two more performances left: Saturday February 23 and Sunday February 24!

To find out more information about the company and updates of their upcoming performances, check out their website:

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