A Play in a Day


Monica Sager, Scarlet Staff

Clark University Player’s Society presented the five plays written during its third annual “A Play in a Day” this Saturday in the Experimental Theater.

At 9 p.m. on Friday, everyone involved met for a quick meeting; however, the playwrights stayed until 5 am the next morning,  writing new, original plays. Each was about 10-15 pages long, and expected to run for about 20 minutes.

“The difference this year is that I actually had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to write about going in,” Brett Iarrobino, who is the treasurer of CUPS and a second-time writer for A Play in a Day.

Iarrobino’s play, “Water from the Sink,” was inspired by Coney Island’s Totonno Pizzeria Napolitana. The waitress, who was named Cookie, did “everything a waitress was not supposed to do,” Iarrobino said.

“It’s my first time writing something historical,” said Iarrobino. “It’s really really different writing about something that happened in the real world instead of something that kind of happened in your brain.”

Iarrobino’s play was directed by Hannah Brier ’20. John Lepord and Emily Buza performed the play.

Buza also wrote her own play, “Bite Me,” which was about two vampires who slowly realized they are in love.

“It was an experience that made me nostalgic for the days of high school,” said Alex Sklarz ’22, one of the actors in “Bite Me.” “It was great nonetheless to be with a group that was passion about putting on a good show as much as I was.”

This was Sklarz’s first performance with CUPS. He will be in his first long-rehearsed play, Rumors, from April 4-7.

Sklarz and Casey Bowers ’21 performed in “Bite Me” together as well as “Somnia,” which was directed by Tim Luccy and written by Luke Pound.

“I think initially it was a little bit nerve wracking, but it was a really good bonding experience to be in two scenes with the same actor (Bowers),” said Sklarz. “Because the nature of the two scenes were similar in some ways, they both gave me a basis to develop my characters.”

“Somnia” was about questioning human existence and the end of time. Sklarz and Bowers were seen contemplating the degradation of Earth as well as if they should freeze themselves to continue living forever.

“The Note,” which was directed by Victoria Beyer ’21 and written by Sadie Murray, was about two high school students who wanted to become crime solvers. Francesca Constantino and Jeremy Francoeur tried to solve the mystery of a threat note, which ended up being written by Taylor Woolever-Frost’s character.

In “New Apartment,” Maggie McLaughlin’s character moved into a new house, but it turns out it was haunted (by Francesca Costantino). She even tried to purify the house, calling in Woolever-Frost’s character.

This year’s 24 Hour Playfest was produced by Toni Armstrong, Lisa Bumpus, Iarrobino, Shannon Reault, Bowers, and Aisling Lynch.

“I always appreciate the variety of 24 hour Playfest shows,” Iarrobino said. “People write about anything and everything.”