CUSC in Brief 2.21.19

Drashhti Bilimoria, Layout Editor

After calling roll and approving the minutes from last week’s meeting, Council began to deliberate on the grants requested for the week.

The first three grants were requested by Arnab Banik, Aidan McLaughlin, and Minh Quang Vu to attend Brown University’s Datathon. Though they requested $216.67 each, the nature of their grant (Tier 3) capped their request at $80 a day, for up to two days, with a maximum of $160. Grants Committee recommended $160 each, and the grant passed with a majority vote.

The next grant allocated $576 to Variant Dance Troupe to cover costs incurred in purchasing merchandise for their show on April 5 and 6. Because there are over 70 people in the club, the merchandise would help support the club and promote the show.

The fifth grant of the night was requested by CUSC, to buy a plaque recognizing Council’s effort in the renovation of the Grind. Though the money was set aside last year, the purchase never occurred to prevent the plaque being lost or damaged during construction. These funds then went into Cumulative Surplus.

During the discussion of this grant, advisor Tim St. John stated that Council should be able to remove the funds from Cumulative Surplus, as the funds were already earmarked and approved last year. Council then amended the motion to pull funds from Cumulative Surplus rather than pass another grant, and this motion passed with a majority vote.

While the initial request was for $1000, Grants Committee was able to find a cheaper plaque for $300.

Council then moved to updates from standing committees.

Elections Committee reminded all class representatives to send out emails about special elections. They also took this time to swear in three new Judiciary Committee nominations, Cara Ferguson, Rafael Levin, and Henry Severance. Because President Eric Barrese could not be physically present at the meeting, the three nominees were sworn in over video chat.

Grants Committee reported that they had a presentation ready for Council about the Grants process but were waiting on Judiciary to approve their new procedures to deliver.

Finance Committee reported that they are working on scheduling the Annual Budget Application Timeline. They also reported they are in the midst of changing their bylaws and were meeting next week with clubs whose audits need to be revisited.

Student Life Committee reported that tickets for the NY buses were ready, as well as a feedback form for students to use after. In addition, they have narrowed plans for a representative from Uber and Tim St. John to meet.

Communications Committee reported that they are currently voting on art submitted to Council, determining how many pieces will be accepted per artist, and drafting an art release form.

Council then moved to discussing unfinished business from the last meeting, which was discussion about the impeachment of certain Council members. Members who were motioned to be impeached this week will have one week to build their case with the assistance of judiciary, and would be discussed at next week’s meeting. Vice President Sameen Azad reminded all Council members that any discussion related to impeachment at this week’s meeting would be based on the motion of impeachment, not as a defense of the Council member.

Any Council member with 3 or more absences could be considered from impeachment. This included Geva Segal, Stephane Meunier, Owen Mortimer, Emma Clark, Darshan Mody, and Abdur Rahman Muhammad.

Motions to institute impeachment proceedings were passed for Geva Segal, Stephane Meunier, Owen Mortimer, and Darshan Mody. Though a motion was created to begin impeachment proceedings for Emma Clark, the motion did not pass due to the excused nature of her absences. Another motion to impeach Abdur Rahman Muhammad was voiced, but retracted due to a ruling from Judiciary.

Council members who were up for impeachment had their voting powers suspended and could not vote for the rest of the meeting.

Council then moved on to representative updates.

Minority representatives Eunice Dollete and Domenica Cevallos reported that they sent their reworded version of the description of the minority representation in the CUSC Constitution to Gari De Ramos, a member of the Judiciary Committee , along with meeting with MOSAIC for their feedback. They also reported that they would soon meet with OPEN and Choices to discuss their current office spaces, which were moved at the beginning of the year to accommodate RLH’’s transition to the third floor of the UC.

E-Board then updated Council about the furniture for the Grind, and the meeting adjourned around 7:30.



Arnab Banik, Aidan McLaughlin, and Minh Quang Vu were allocated $160 each attend Brown University’s Datathon.

$576 were allocated to the Variant Dance Troupe to cover costs incurred in purchasing merchandise for their show.