CUSU in Brief 2.28.19

Drashhti Bilimoria, Layout Editor

The February 28th meeting of the Clark Undergraduate Student Council began later than expected because quorum had not been reached.

In the meantime, President Eric Barrese suggested discussing agenda items that didn’t require quorum.

The Finance Committee reported they had created a timeline for the February audits and prepared the Spring Annual Budget Form for release to clubs. They also reported they were looking at dates for hosting an information session/joint training session for potential new treasurers.

Quorum was reached a few minutes later, and enough members were present to be able to vote on grants.

The first and only grant of the night was from ROCU, who requested $425 to replace a microphone that had recently broken. The club explained that they did not have the funding to pay for it out of their own budget, and the microphone benefits the Clark Community as a whole through co-sponsored events as well as those held in the Grind, among other factors. Grants Committee explained that the money would be coming from the Equipment Fun instead of the quarterly budget, but this had no effect on the actual vote. The grant passed with a majority vote.

Grants Committee then provided Council with their own updates. Chair Mahi Taban reported that the committee met to go over rules, expectations, and what the committee would be working on in the next quarter. Some things they have decided to improve on include transparency, accountability, consistency, and customer service. By taking notes on all grants that come in, grants committee will be more transparent. Through the grants feedback form and other methods of follow-up, the committee hopes to reduce abuse of grants allocations. Since the approval of some grants set precedent for others, grants committee hopes to improve consistency between allocations. Lastly, by working on the committees overall customer service skills, grants committee hopes to make sure people feel comfortable asking for grants.

The committee also hopes to make clearer the purpose of grants, and to clear up any confusions students might have about the grants process.

Elections Committee reported that special elections were to be held the Monday after the break.

The Student Life Committee reported that they would soon be introducing a bus feedback form, and recently discussed making changes to the bus schedule depending on negotiations with Uber.

The committee is also hoping to make the mall bus schedule more well known.

Communications reported that most of the frames ordered had been installed, and art would be put up after Spring Break. They also reported that they had been tabling for the art initiative and special elections. Ivette Mendoza, who serves on the Communications Committee also proposed having Student Council take part in the Working for Worcester volunteer project.

Council then moved onto representative updates.

Minority representatives Eunice Dollete and Domenica Cevallos reported that they had been working with Monica Sager regarding a food aid plan she wanted to implement on campus. They met with President Angel during his open office hours, who encouraged them to get more concrete numbers about who among Clark students is food insecure. They discussed the possibility of releasing a survey after Spring Break.

Eunice also reported they had received feedback from MOSAIC regarding the new proposed wording to the Minority Representative position, and both representatives would be meeting with the MFGSS office after Spring Break for more feedback.

Domenica Cevallos then reported that Choices had a huge decline in participation, most likely due to their change in office location this year. Before, she explained, people could simply drop by on their way to lunch or after classes, but this was no longer viable in their new “Clark far” location. In addition, she said the location was cold, inaccessible to all, and had a general lack of sanitation and maintenance.

After a discussion about this matter, in which advisor Tim St. John said he would look into the maintenance issues, Council moved on to E-Board updates.

President Eric Barrese reported that Geva Segal and Stephane Meunier both resigned from Council. He also reported that the Council Member of the Month was Eunice Dollete. In addition, he provided Council with some updates about the Grind. Due to alumni and marketing efforts, the Grind’s name would not change; however, the bar would be named “The Freudian Sip.”

On this note, advisor Tim St. John informed Council of some important policies regarding new Grind policies on nights when the bar was open, along with requirements for identification. He also congratulated Allie Shilling on her efforts in getting the Grind to be operational.

Vice President Sameen Azad reported that art therapy at Clark would begin March 14th.

Secretary Nicole Luka asked class representatives to post about special elections.

After this, an executive session was called, at which point all members of the public were asked to leave.

Post executive session, Eric read an email sent by David Angel regarding Council’s recent stance on the Sackler building’s name. In it, President Angel said that he believed the name should not change as it is representative of Arthur Sackler specifically, not the whole Sackler family.



ROCU was allocated $425 to cover the cost incurred in replacing a broken mike.