InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Allows Clarkies to Give Back During Alternative Spring Break Trip

Noor Almaslamani , Contributing Writer

On March 2nd, 2019, a number of Clark students packed their luggage to embark on a lifetime experience in Houston, Texas. The Intervarsity Christian fellowship Club on campus made it possible for Clark students to enhance an opportunity of assisting less fortunate individuals who lost their houses in 2017 due to Hurricane Harvey.

Universities from around New England such as, Assumption, Northeastern, Boston College, Mass Art, and MCPHS also attended the mission trip. Students stayed at Copperfield Church, where they were provided food as well as a court for volunteers to play basketball and volleyball to use in their leisure time.

During the seven-day trip of spring break, students woke up at 5:30 AM, with their consistent and rigorous work inspiring and warming the hearts of those affected by the storm. Through this trip, students created a genuine community full of love and laughter, with the students cultivating an environment of acceptance and conversation of each others’ emotions.

Every night around 7:30 PM, participants gathered  for community time, a period where students gathered into their small groups and worshipped through studying, analyzing and discussing the bible.  Following this, a segment called Fun with Ophelia occured where schools competed through different fun games.

In an interview with Mary Yohannes, one of the Chapter leaders of Clark intervarsity, she said “Serve-Up is a beautiful trip. Clarkies and non-Clarkies bond with each other and have the chance to deep conversations that are sometimes hard to be held on campus. I liked it even though we had to green light often [referring to a strategy of implementing acceptance and patience], a skill that we will bring to our life. We cannot control everything, but we can control our response to situations.” Additionally, Mary noted the openness of the InterVarsity community, since the trip had participants of Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, and atheististic faiths.