Fresh Takes on Clark’s Fresh Bakes: Underclassmen Opine on Clark Dining

Will Mahan, Contributing Writer

Should more dessert options be added to the menu at Clark University Dining Hall? If so, what options?


David Kerrigan (‘23): “Yes, they should add peanut butter cookies, banana muffins, chocolate pretzels, and granola bites with chocolate chips.”


How do you feel about the different food options at Clark University?


Lawson Dun (‘23): “I think there are definitely some good food options at Clark, and it is a huge step up from the food at my high school. I am thankful for the chefs who work day in and day out, and are essentially the people who keep everything running. If I would like something  to change however, it would be increasing the food options for people who are gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian.” 


Do you plan to eat on campus for your future years at Clark University?


Jack Rogerson (‘23): “I plan on doing a meal plan for the entire time I’m here at Clark.”


Do you prefer the Bistro or the Dining Hall?


Gabe Spindel (‘23): “I prefer the Bistro.”


Do you think Clark University has enough healthy options in its menu?


Cameron Keenan (‘22): “Yeah, I suppose so. I think the salad bar could be better though. I think more toppings for salads would be nice as well as wider salad bowls.”


Should any food or drink option be available during one meal time over another meal time?


Rafer Carter (‘23): “I noticed that there is always a yogurt parfait bar during lunch and dinner but not during breakfast. I’ve never seen a single person use it and I think that it would be much more used if it was out during breakfast instead.”


If you were to make one change to the Clark University Dining Hall, what would it be?


Jonah Clark (‘23): “I think with the onslaught of our massive class size, the kitchen staff could use more resources to make things run smoother.”