Cougar of the Week: Enis Perez

Sara Conroy, Sports Editor

The Scarlet would like to present to you the second Cougar of the Week for the 2019-2020 academic year, Enis Perez. Enis is a sophomore on the newly-announced Women’s Lacrosse Team. The Scarlet wanted to bring some hype and attention to the new women’s team at Clark and another one of our amazing Clark Athletes. Please read more to learn about Enis Perez.


Scarlet: “Hi, thank you for sitting down with me today, Enis. Why don’t we start with where you call home?”

Perez: “Okay, so, I’m from Coventry Rhode Island, but I’m also Dominican and Puerto Rican.”


Scarlet: “Is that where your family is from?”

Perez: “Actually, my grandma is from DR and my grandpa is from PR and they actually met in New York and moved to Rhode Island.”


Scarlet: “So how did you end up at Clark?”

Perez: “Oooof, that’s a good question. It really came down to four schools. I was looking at Clark University, Stonehill College, Salve Regina University, and Roger Williams. Two of those schools are in Rhode Island. And honestly, it came between Clark University and Stonehill. When I toured, I actually toured Clark like four times to make sure it was the place I wanted to be.

I had gone to a prep-school in Connecticut called Pomfret School. It was really small. Like 300 students max. So, I knew I wanted a school that was similar to my high school, because I loved it so much. You know, I went to a public school where it’s hundreds and hundreds of kids. There can be over 30 kids in a class, and then I’ve also experienced, at Pomfret, my Spanish class had 5 kids including me. So, I really liked how close the teachers were with the students and I really was looking for that same thing. When I came here to Clark, it was just easy. Because Clark was so much like Pomfret. I felt instant connections. Stonehill was much bigger, a huge campus. It didn’t seem like the right fit. 

When I first came to Clark, it was raining, and I told my mom I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go here. My tour guide knew a ton of people around campus though, and they were so friendly with her. I just remember that atmosphere. I came back for another visit and it was sunny, and people were sitting on the green, which they did at Pomfret, too. Again, it was something that I really fell in love with. I loved this small school, I love how friendly everyone is, and that close community was really something I was looking for. And a small campus too because I get lost really easily.” *Laughs*


Scarlet: “I’m glad you found your fit. So, what are you studying or planning on studying?”

Perez: “So, I’m majoring in film with a minor in marketing. That’s really what want to do… and hopefully I can make that into sports marketing. I really want to help produce commercials for big companies like Nike and Under Armour.”


Scarlet: “Wow, that’s such a cool goal. So, I would have asked you where you’re headed with that, but it seems like you had got a good idea already.”

Perez: “Ugh, that’s really where I want to go so bad. I’ve thought about it. It makes me nervous, because I know a lot of my friends are wanting to go into nursing. And to me it seems like a more secure career path than film, because the film is so difficult. You get what you can get. It’s not really a secure thing. It’s really challenging.”


Scarlet: “It seems like there is so much to get there”

Perez: “Yeah, there’s SO much. I have to do internships and, you know, I really have to network with people inside the company.”


Scarlet: “Have you had any of those opportunities that you wanted to talk about? Like, in terms of interning or networking?”

Perez: “So, I’ve been looking into a Converse internship for two years now, but I’m too young to do it. So, I have to wait a bit for that. I know I can do it and I will. And so, I met someone from Under Armour a couple weeks ago and I told her, all the internships I’ve been looking into and dying to apply to are for older applicants. They said they’d talk to some people and maybe we can get you in. I haven’t heard anything back yet, but it was recent, so we’ll see.”


Scarlet: “Yeah that’s great. I wish you the best of luck in that. I’m sure you’ll succeed. I wanted to also spend some time chatting about athletics. You are on the newly inducted Women’s Lacrosse team and I was wondering if you wanted to spend some time talking about that?”

Perez: “The first training we did was the fitness test. It was really nice to see that everyone was putting in a lot of work over the summer. You could see it through the fitness test. You know, it is a new program and I know from having conversations with the coach that she was a little nervous about how we were going to make the transition into an official team. Because obviously last year it was a club and she had been coaching us through club season but it’s very different. You can’t hold people accountable on club team. Now we’re an official team and things are different. So showing up on the first day and doing our fitness test, it was great. It was awesome to see that everyone put in the hard work over the summer. And I’m pretty sure everyone passed, which was huge. After that, everyone was so excited.”


Scarlet: “Yeah that’s awesome, for your whole team to be dedicated like that.”

Perez: “Yeah, yeah. Other than that, we’ve been meeting with a sports psychologist on Fridays after conditioning. What I really love about that is talking about where our mindset is. Thinking about how we’re a whole new program. Because it is, realistically, a huge deal. And you know we talk about it all the time, what our legacy is going to be as the very first team at Clark. Our sports psychologist is awesome. Her name is Allison. We talk a lot about our mindset. It’s not just about being physically fit on our team. We also really believe that having a strong mindset is really the key to everything. So, we’ve been working a lot with that.”


Scarlet: “Do you want to talk a bit about how excited you are to have your first season?”

Perez: “OH, SO excited. Gosh, we can’t stop talking about it. Everyone. We go around and it’s not even just us. It’s really awesome to see that the Clark community is really hyped about it. I know we were a little nervous at first about how the Clark community would respond to it, but everyone we’ve talked to about it has been really excited. And the girls coming in, our first years are awesome. They’re just as excited. Everyone is excited!”


Scarlet: “Ah, I’m really excited for you and I know that Clark is too. We always like to wrap-up with some fun facts about our Cougars. To start, do you have a favorite animal?”

Perez: “*Laughs* Funny you should ask that. Fun fact, my favorite animal for a long time was a flying squirrel! It’s not anymore, but for a really long time, I told my mom I wanted a flying squirrel. Now, for like 5 or 6 years, it’s been a lion.”


Scarlet: “Do you have any hobbies outside of Clark and lacrosse?”

Perez: “I really love taking pictures. I had really wanted to be involved with the photo society, but I just have a lot going on. I’m an RA, I’m on the lacrosse team, I’m also a member of the Caribbean African Student Association, I’m a member of Sisters In Stride and the Student-Athlete Athletic Council as well. But at Pomfret, I didn’t have a camera so I rented one out every single week until they called my mom and told her I couldn’t be doing that anymore. I ended up getting a camera for my birthday and that’s when I realized I was really into film.”


Scarlet: “Oh that’s awesome. And that’s what you want to do! Oh my gosh, it comes full circle. We love that about an interview!”