The iPhone 11

Do you want it? I bet you do.

Logan Rosell, Contributing Writer

Apple has recently faced a lot of pressure from a group of people it’s not used to hearing from. No, not angry people with eight miles of cords attached to their non-wireless headphones, stabbed into their phones with a triumphant headphone jack, but financial analysts.

      Sure, Apple made a cool $265,600,000,000 last year according to Statista, but investors have to see growth. What are they worried about? Declines in the number of iPhones shipped. Apple makes about 60% of their 265.6 billion dollars on the product, and let’s face it the smartphone market isn’t as exciting as it used to be. In this light there is a lot riding on the success of this new iPhone, the “cheaper” one meant for the masses. This begs the question did they do it? Well, yes actually they did. 

      Before the tech-heads jump down my throat, I would like to clarify that I am not claiming the iPhone 11 is revolutionary or will convert anybody that is currently using an Android phone. I am not even saying that you should buy the iPhone 11, just that Apple did a surprisingly good job presenting basic upgrades as great ones.

     What Apple did was position this iPhone as a camera. Lots of other phones have great cameras, some even market their devices as such, but if you are even mildly interested in technology news you have heard about this set of lenses. Well the new iPhone can last a longer time between charges, take better pictures, capture the majesty of your dog, in those beautiful photos which you post on Instagram and oh my god it comes in purple. Are you sold? Apple’s pre-order shipping time, a common measure of how many people who have $700 burning a hole in their pocket have swamped Apple’s distribution system, is long pointing to strong sales year.

      Hold on, I think we are forgetting ourselves. Yeah, the new iPhone makes your life look a little more interesting than it is on Instagram, but it’s not exactly a new iPhone. Since the iPhone 7, which came out in 2014, we have only really gotten two new iPhone designs. That is the way the phone looks and feels, how you distinguish between the model years to know which one of your friends you should be jealous of. When the iPhone 6 launched the world got a big rounded rectangle with thick black bars surrounding the screen, you know the one. In 2017 we got the iPhone X which ushered in the all screen traffic light style rear camera we have come to associate with a 1,000-dollar price tag. The point is, in the interim years other iPhones have looked like clones of either the 6 or X.

Apple has adopted a 4-year product cycle. Year one is the big upgrade, the new looking phone. Year two is the same thing, but now better. Year three is the same thing, but now you guys really have to forget that it’s the same thing because look at the camera! Year 4 is when the cycle restarts. We are in year 3 for the iPhone X style. You can almost see the marketers at Apple shake as they watch the launch event.

This year Apple probably pulled it off. But remember, if you haven’t gotten an iPhone 11 yet, next year the big one should be coming, so it might be worth it to hold off.