CUSC in Brief, 9.26.19

Drashhti Bilimoria, Layout Editor

This week’s CUSC meeting started off with all representatives taking their headshots while attendance was taken. After the reading of last week’s minutes was tabled, Council heard updates from the various committees. 

Grants committee presented two grants, both of which passed with a majority in favor. The first grant, submitted by Maha Akbar, requested $350 to help fund transportation to an internship at the Kennedy Edward Institute. The second grant requested $274 for a Tier 2 conference. As the conference had already begun and the Grants Committee cannot reimburse students, the allocation recommended was amended to $187 to cover remaining transport and accommodation costs.

The Finance Committee reported that they held their first meeting and were preparing for their mid-year review. 

Elections Committee reported that they’d conducted lots of interviews, and are preparing for more. They also reported that they were creating a timeline for runoff elections. 

Student Life Committee reported that the PCF form is now live and will soon be sent out. 

Communications reported they were working on a plan to market the Uber pilot program CUSC is sponsoring. They also reported that they would be advertising the general meetings in the “What’s Happening” emails, planning a possible meet-and-greet in the Grind, aiming to improve the Instagram presence of CUSC, and live-stream more meetings so that the public is more aware of Council’s inner workings

Judiciary Committee reported that their internal review was now complete, and any changes made will take effect in two weeks. They are also in the midst of reviewing several club charters.

Council then moved on to completing unfinished business from their last meeting. Treasurer Ivette Mendoza’s menstrual equity cumulative request was approved, after which E-Board gave their updates. 

President Emma Dinnerstein gave Council SCOR’s review of judiciary’s investigation regarding elections (discussed in prior meetings). She also asked all members to fill out the survey sent to all representatives about a possible new meeting time. 

Vice President Eunice Dollete reported that she was meeting with President Angel on the 27th and would be helping Domenica Cevallos and Atia Begh training the minority representatives. 

Secretary Domenica Cevallos reminded representatives to sign up for their one-on-one meetings with her about their various roles and asked representatives to make their constituents aware of the constitutional reform ad hoc committee.
Council then moved to advisor updates. Advisor Allie Shilling reported that the Worcester SGA, a conglomerate of SGAs in the area, did not currently have a representative from Clark. 

The meeting adjourned, and Council soon met thereafter to take a group picture.