CUSC in Brief, 10.03.19

Drashhti Bilimoria, Layout Editor

This week’s Council meeting began with a brief introduction by a speaker with the New Voters Project. He emphasized the importance of student voting, as there are a large segment of unregistered student voters.

Standing committee began with updates from the Grants Committee. The Grants Committee introduced two applications, both of which passed with a majority vote. The first, for Clark Model United Nations (MUN), was for $1100, and will be issued so that 12 delegates who can attend the University of Pennsylvania Model United Nations Conference (UPMUNC). Though the club receives a budget of its own, the larger first year class meant that the club has received a greater amount of delegates hoping to attend the conference. The second grant of the night was awarded to Evan Hoffman and was for $30, to cover expenses incurred while attending Harvard Hackathon. Hoffman plans on using the skills he has gained at the Hackathon to give a workshop to Clark students.

Finance Committee reported that they have looked through their past records and now have a timeline for the year. The Elections Committee reported that they have set up the ballots for the Fall Special Election on LINK. In addition, they conducted more interviews over the past week and motioned to appoint nine students to various Student Council committees.

The Student Life Committee reported that they were brainstorming for a Worcester Tour program at Clark. They are also beginning their collaboration with the Communications Committee, starting with posting the PCF form to their various social media accounts so that constituents can be more aware of them. Lastly, they announced that CUSC would not be sponsoring buses for fall break, but would do so for thanksgiving break.

The Communications Committee reported that they have now set an official meeting time. They are also working on creating a list of places for the Discovering Worcester campaign, and will advertise the Programming and Cosponsorship fund in the coming week. They are also working on council member spotlights and committee posts on the CUSC Instagram.

The Judiciary Committee presented SAB’s updated charter to Council. It was approved and reported that they were still reviewing Ballroom, Youth Outreach Worcester, and the Muslim Student Association’s charters.

Council then moved on to E-Board updates. President Emma Dinenrstein swore in a new member of the Judiciary Committee. In addition, she reported that due to Council and other organizational efforts, all RA’s will be upgraded to the 100 meal block instead of the 5 meals a week they are currently given. She also told Council she planned on making sure all committee members would have access to Committee emails, and that emails to and from constituents should now be directed towards that email.

Vice President Eunice Dollete gave an update from the Student Sustainability Fund and reported that the E-Board was meeting with President Angel again this week. Secretary Domenica Cevallos asked that all Council members sign up for a one-on-one meeting with her if they have not done so already.

Treasurer Ivette Mendoza reported that many people had shown interest in being part of the Menstrual Equity ad hoc committee, and that she would work on narrowing the numbers down. 

Advisor Allie Shilling reported that Council still needed to send a representative to the Worcester Student Government Association, and then the meeting adjourned.