Haunt season officially begins at Factory of Terror

College students encouraged to visit for discounted entry

Image courtesy of Malcolm Jacob

Image courtesy of Malcolm Jacob

Malcolm Jacob, Contributing Writer

When do you start celebrating Halloween? Are you the kind of person who listens to “Thriller” and “Ghostbusters” as soon as the leaves start changing color? Do you wait all year for heaps of candy, or the slasher film marathons on TV? And how early is too early? Anyone you ask will give a different answer.

For the brains behind the Factory of Terror, Worcester, October 4 marked their opening night,  but major planning had to commence well beforehand. Their location consists of three floors of a historic factory on Grafton Street, an ideal place for the attraction. By using this location, they have made available parking for visitors and plenty of space to set up their haunts.

It may be set in an old factory, but do not expect to be put on an assembly line. The goal at Factory of Terror is not simply to treat people as customers, or to get them in and out as quickly as possible. The team also genuinely cares about the experience they provide to visitors, and want to leave people with fun scares and good memories.

A quality haunted attraction takes so much more than a few actors in masks. First, the available space must be used to its highest efficiency (which can be challenging at times). The route has to be planned, the set has to be decorated, and technology such as lights and sound must be checked. All of these steps are taken to create the frightening atmosphere that Factory of Terror is known for. Nevertheless, what should not be forgotten are the safety precautions and the extensive work that is done behind the scenes each night.

In addition to the creepiness of the old brick building set by the organizers, an added perk is that this is a 100 percent tick-and-mosquito-free attraction. For some, mosquito-borne illnesses are the scariest thing in New England. So if biting insects are what you fear most, definitely add this indoor destination to your Halloween list. Unlike with haunted hayrides and outdoor settings, there’s no risk of a rainout.

They have three locations across New England, the other two being in Fall River, MA, and West Warwick, RI. Fall River is their original venue, but with the Worcester location in its seventh year, visitors can be assured that the organizers have had ample opportunities to fine-tune the craft of the scare.

This year Factory of Terror has five haunts: Phobia Mayhem, Clown College 4D, 3D Nightmare, Bloodworth Dungeon, and Dracula’s Hideaway. However, do not expect them to divulge the specifics of what they have in store for 2019. The only way to find out what’s waiting inside is to pay them a visit.

Clarkies have plenty of incentive to stop by. College students have a discounted price and only pay $20 for a ticket if they bring their student ID. Recruit your bravest friends, head to 201 Grafton Street, and see if you dare to make it through Factory of Terror.