A Moot Stuffed With Alligators and Snakes

President Trump and the ridiculousness he now wants at the border wall

Mia Levine, Scarlet Staff

On Tuesday, October 1st, the New York Times published an article which caused President Donald Trump to go on yet another rant concerning fake news and corruption within the media. The article spouting his tirade was titled “Shoot Migrants’ Legs, Build Alligator Moat: Behind Trump’s Ideas for Border.” In this article, Michael D. Shear and Julie Hirschfeld Davis alleged that the president privately discussed fortifying the border wall with a moat stuffed with alligators or snakes (either one was fine for him) and to top it all off, have the border wall electrified with spikes on top. He also allegedly proposed another extreme measure involving shooting migrants in the legs to slow them down. This article was based on interviews with White House staffers from this past March soon after the President had ordered advisors to completely close the entire Mexican border into the United States. In a tweet from the day after the article was published, which has since been deleted, Trump said that “the press is trying to sell the fact that I wanted a Moot stuffed with alligators and snakes… Fake News!” The day after, in a grammar revised tweet, he wrote, “Fake News, just like the snakes and gators in the moat. The Media is deranged, they have lost their minds!”

The President’s proposal of feral reptiles sounds straight out of a bad movie in which the villain is trying to scare the hero. However, in this case, there is no clear hero. The hero might be the potential scale of the project: price and time. Try to imagine this “moot” (moat, my bad) and the wall. How tall would the wall be? Where would he get the alligators and snakes from? How long does the moat have to be? Isn’t a moat technically supposed to surround, not just be a barrier? Knowing our president, he would ignore these questions and use tax-payer’s hard earned money for his ridiculous projects. Thankfully, Donald will never have to answer these questions because he has completely disregarded that he ever said those things. A President who lies and overreacts to every possible situation will dim the shining light of our democracy.

All jokes aside, the moat would never work. Trying to answer the aforementioned questions is near impossible. Trump’s outrageous covered-up proposal would just increase levels of civilian damage. Nearly daily, we see and hear horrific stories about immigrants seeking asylum in our country being killed while trying to cross the border. A moat would drastically increase Trump’s ever-growing body count.

This is disgusting behavior. Instead of dealing with immigration in a humane and realistic way, he proposes ridiculous ideas that would be shut down by Congress before they even got off the ground. Maybe he proposed the moat because he has no idea how to deal with immigration and he believes his drastic proposal would help him to win his upcoming election for a second Presidential term. Maybe he really believed in it. Either way, it is completely unrealistic. There is no possible way a moat a tour Southern border would solve anything. It would only increase tensions surrounding immigration.

America would be nothing without immigrants. They are essential in continuing to push our economy forward. The word ‘moat’ brings up the image of a body of water surrounding a castle or fort. In Trump’s vision, America is a castle upon a hill with Mexico being the unwilling subjects of our reign. This vision has been heavily doctored and photoshopped with Trump’s outrageous proposals and ideas. He emphasizes the exclusivity of America when, in reality, we are a country nearly entirely comprised of immigrants. Our ancestors were once immigrants coming here to find better lives for themselves and their loved ones. Trump’s plan to build a moat at the border is nothing short of childish thinking. He forgets that his relatives were once immigrants taking land that did not belong to them. Let us remember his immature and irrational behavior when casting our votes in the upcoming election. I sincerely hope that the next person to take the Presidential Oath is an intellectual who can dig us out of the ever-deepening grave Trump continues to dig each day.