Welcoming a New Clark Cougar to Campus: S.I.D. Kyle Prudhomme

Image courtesy of Clark University

Image courtesy of Clark University

Constance Wright, Scarlet Staff

This fall, Clark University welcomed Kyle Prudhomme as the new Sports Information Director (SID). Prudhomme is originally from New Bedford, MA and played a variety of sports in his childhood. In high school he developed an interest for sports journalism and began writing for his school paper. “That’s really what my first love was: just writing and watching sports,” Prudhomme commented.

He attended Fitchburg State University (FSU) and graduated in 2017 with a degree in Communications. During his time at FSU he wrote for his college paper and covered all the game recaps. 

After graduation, Prudhomme explored his love for journalism and began working at the Boston Herald. After two years of covering high school sports, Prudhomme explained that he needed to reassess his situation at Boston Herald and thought it was time to switch gears and, “use what I learned and loved at the Herald and re-apply it in a new way.” Along with his experience at the Herald, Prudhomme has worked as an intern at both the New England Collegiate Baseball League and Future’s Collegiate Baseball League, and served in varying roles on the athletic staff at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Coincidentally, as soon as Prudhomme was ready to hang up his pen at the Boston Herald, the Sports Information Director position at Clark opened up. “It just kind of seemed like too much of a coincidence for me not to pursue,” he explained, “It just felt right, the right situation for me that has the structure that I was hoping for in my next position and also had the potential of room to grow, you know, so that was something I was incredibly excited about going into it.” 

Prudhomme’s job on campus is to essentially oversee the communication of all 17 NCAA competition sports at Clark. He hopes to forge relationships across campus by collaborating with other departments to push forward an initiative throughout the school that really promote Clark student athletes. “Throughout the interview process, we talked about wins and losses. But there’s so much more beyond that with student athletes,” he commented, “You know, studying abroad or taking on internships in the summer and excelling in the classroom, it doesn’t always need to be about the sports here. Which is something that kind of ties me into what I love about journalism, like talking about great people and just promoting their accomplishments… I want student athletes to feel like their accomplishments matter, you know, and that the things that they accomplish are being seen, and people know about them.”

Prudhomme attributes his easy transition onto campus to his assistant and Clarks’ Assistant Director of Athletic Communication and Alumni Outreach, Olivia Marcello who helped him get a better idea of the Clark campus culture. He also thanks Athletic Director, Patricia Cronin and Associate Athletic Director, Kirsten Clark for the resources and direction they gave him, “This position is new to me, so they’ve been really understanding of that aspect of it.” 

Prudhomme wants Clarkies to know, “…that I’m dedicating the time and that I’m absolutely committed to showing the positive things about Clark and the positive things about Clark athletics. I really love doing this work.”

You can help welcome Kyle Prudhomme and follow his work throughout the year on the Clark Athletics website, which is available using the QR code provided here.