“The Morning Show” takes on the “Wild West” of Streaming

Mary Kelley, Scarlet Staff

When Apple releases a new television series starring Jenifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carrell, the seeds of intrigue are planted. When you find out is a drama, that intrigue blooms into something real. When you watch the first episode, that tangible intrigue is flipped on its head. 

The show focuses on a knockoff  version of NBC’s“Today Show” with Steve Carrell filling a pseudo- Matt Lauer role and Jenifer Aniston in the position of Katie Couric. The show tackles topics including the #MeToo movement, the current political climate and the climate crisis. 

“The Morning Show” is available through Apple TV+, the new streaming service launched by Apple. It costs $4.99 a month and Apple has been releasing trailers to new projects in the works, including a semi-biographical series on Emily Dickinson starring Hailee Steinfield. The service costs less than Netflix’s most affordable plan, but includes significantly less content, as of November 2019.

The current trend of splintering streaming services, with Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu reigning supreme, is a regression back to the powerhouse days of network TV. Today more people are canceling their cable subscriptions and diversifying their sources of entertainment. More and more families are choosing Netflix or any combination of content providers as their source of entertainment. Did you know that the average person spends over $9 dollars to be able to access ESPN? It is included in a bundle including over a thousand channels. By contrast, Hulu’s cheapest plan only costs $6 a month and includes live games. The way that media is consumed has changed in a very short span of time, which allowed a sort of “Wild West” market. 

A “Wild West” market is a phrase often used to refer to the early years of YouTube, when someone could gain millions of followers just from posting a video once in a while. Netflix was able to corner the market of this new digital age of media consumption. Similarly, Facebook has cornered the market for social media. Apple has cornered the market in bright and shiny electronics. The giants of the modern age” are becoming more and more aware of the sheer profitability of convenience and quality content. Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+, containing every piece of content the monolith company has created, or at least owns, is a testament to the profitability and demand for online accessible content. 

“The Morning Show” addresses the changing style of media consumption. Are talk shows becoming a thing of the past, replaced by Twitter and Facebook as the main sources of news? Is climate change a Democratic versus Republican issue? How can men navigate a post- #MeToo society? All of these questions are addressed in a way that would appease the average Baby Boomer, while also staying relevant to younger generations. 

The show, of course, is still running with an emphasis on such sensitive topics. I personally whole-heartedly trust Witherspoon, Aniston, and Steve Carell. I may not trust Apple as a corporation, or continuation of big monopolies becoming more and more ingrained into our everyday lives, but I trust these intelligent celebrities to support the lesser of the evils. No matter what, more content normalizing climate change as a human issue rather than a debatable point is a win in my book and worth a watch.