Intramural Sports: A Way to Stay Active and Have Fun

Malcolm Jacob, Scarlet Staff

For many students, athletics are a major part of the college experience. The act of joining a team and competing against other schools is both an excellent form of exercise and a valuable life long memory. For others, simply attending games with friends and watching from the sidelines can be a fun way to spend spare time at college. Around Clark’s campus, school pride is evident by the sheer mass of students sported scarlet red and white apparel. 

Fortunately for those who find themselves in between the competitive athlete and the super fan, there is another option available. Clark offers plenty of leagues for intramural sports, where anybody with a strong enough interest in a particular sport is able to form a team of their peers and compete against others who have a similar level of experience and dedication. 

Julz Christy (’20) understands the value of intramural sports to Clark students, which is why she can be seen helping with flag football as well as other sports. She and fellow supervisor, Mackenzie Stewart (’21), are responsible for organizing the games each week. Which means getting fields to play on, referees to control the games, and oversee the teams as they compete throughout the season. 

“Our intramural sports are soccer and football in the fall, and basketball and volleyball in the winter,” Christy said. “Usually basketball and volleyball have the biggest turnouts, so it’s great to see this many people show up, even with the weather.”

It’s important to emphasize the difference between intramural sports and some of the other sporting options at Clark. There are also varsity and club teams at Clark which are more intense programs with dedicated practice times and, often times, a try-out for the team. Which makes those teams a higher commitment of time for students and also a much more competitive atmosphere. At intramural sports, anyone who can find a team of students to play with is welcome to compete. There is no base level of skill or athleticism necessary to perform well in intramural sports. That being said, many of the students involved are dedicated to the game, and they will turn out during almost any weather conditions. On the night of the 7th, heavy rain and sleet was falling, and the cold air kept many students indoors. But this didn’t stop the football teams from gathering on the field and playing their best under the lights.

For flag football teams meet twice a week, once during the school week and again on Sundays. Registration for a team is completed online, and it requires a fee of $20 per team. After that, all you have to do is make an appearance at the games and help your team do the best that it can. Not to say that winning doesn’t matter, but the teams aren’t playing for anything more than campus bragging rights. 

The current supervisors are also involved with other athletics and activities. For example, Christy is a member of Clark’s Women’s Soccer team, and she volunteers with South High Community School’s Special Education Department through one of her courses. That sort of commitment carries over into the hard work she and Stewart engage in to make intramural sports a positive experience for their Clark peers. 

There are several ways you can join in on the action of intramural sports. You and your friends could put together a team for one of the sports listed in the article or if you’re not sure you want to play but want to be involved in other ways, the supervisors are always looking for more referees. The more help they have available, the more organized the process becomes according to the supervisors. If you are looking to join an intramural sports league at Clark, now is the time to gather some friends and think about what is offered for the winter season. Check out the Clark Athletics webpage or the school’s IMLeagues page for more information.