A Release from Eminem that Nobody Could Predict

Malcolm Jacob, Scarlet Staff

Fans of both old-school and modern hip-hop will be pleased to hear that Eminem’s latest album is now available for listening. “Music to Be Murdered By” was recorded throughout most of 2019, and it was released on January 17, starting off 2020 strong for the genre.

Much like with his previous album, “Kamikaze,” Eminem gave close to no indication that he was about to put out a new release, and the news is a surprise to listeners. It quickly created discussion among enthusiasts and debate over the meaning of the lyrics.

What can be said about the guy that hasn’t been said before? Eminem is a household name whether you enjoy his style or not. He started performing alongside hip hop legends such as Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, and over the years has made music with a wide array of greats such as Rihanna, 50 Cent and The Weeknd. His name has become synonymous with rap in many ways.

Most people know at least one Eminem song, showing how much his career has permeated through many corners of the world of entertainment. Even if you don’t know his music by heart, you may recognize the remarkable speed of his rhymes (he reached 101 words in 16 seconds in “Rap God”), or perhaps memes such as the famous “Mom’s spaghetti” line taken from “Lose Yourself.”

“Music to Be Murdered By” is Eminem’s eleventh studio album. It has a total of 20 tracks, so fans will have plenty of new songs to enjoy. For one, there are some interesting collaborations. “Those Kinda Nights” recruits Ed Sheeran for the chorus, adding to the already impressive list of talented people that Eminem has worked with. “Leaving Heaven” was made with help from Skylar Grey, whose powerful voice compliments the distorted melody and simple, thundering percussion. At the same time, the solo tracks carry their own just as strongly; check out the melancholy piano in “Darkness” and the unique hip hop beat used in “Farewell.” In a genre saturated with copy-and-paste beats, this is a welcome change.

And then there’s the elephant in the room; or, rather, the monster. “Godzilla,” as it’s called, is one that multiple news outlets have been talking about eagerly. It features verses from late rapper Juice WRLD, who passed away from an accidental overdose in December, making this his first posthumous track.

What really makes it special are the verses towards the end of the recording. Remember Eminem’s unbelievable speed mentioned before? Well “Godzilla,” at one point clocks in at 224 words in 31 seconds, and is actually said to surpass Mathers’ 2013 “Rap God” in speed. Some are saying this feat is worthy of the Guinness Book of World Records, though the people who collect these records have not officially confirmed this.

Many listeners have enjoyed “Music to Be Murdered By” in the last week, though some critics have been more critical. Listen to it for yourself if you are curious, and chances are you will find something you like. And with twenty songs, we have more than enough to hold us over until Mathers thinks up something new, whenever that may be. If we’ve learned anything, it’s that nobody knows what Eminem will do next or when it will happen.