CUSC in Brief: Feb. 6

Drashhti Bilimoria, Layout Editor

This week’s Clark University Student Council (CUSC) meeting was the first meeting that included all of Council’s newly sworn-in members, and the e-board provided dinner from the New China Lantern to celebrate. During dinner, standing committees gave their updates. 

Grants Committee announced they had lots of grants awaiting approval, and they dove right in. $260 were awarded to Michael O’Connor to cover the costs of airfare and meals in attending a physics conference. The next grant went to the Clark Entrepreneurship Club, who requested $460 to cover costs of a two-year membership to the Collegiate CEO Organization. 

The next five grants were applied for by different people, but were all submitted by students wishing to attend UPenn’s Ethnography in Education Research Forum. The grant helped cover the cost of airfare ($150). 

The seventh and eighth grants were awarded to Aandishah Smara to cover costs incurred in attending the South Asian Youth Initiative Conference ($60) at Yale and costs of transportation to Holy Cross ($25), where she will be presenting her research. 

After this, the South Asian Student Association requested $88 to cover costs incurred while attending a cultural event at WPI, which will strengthen bonds between the two campuses. 

The last two grants of the night were both submitted by students to cover costs incurred in their internships. The first, Jadea Harris, requested $200 for her internship at WCET, and the second, Elle Woolever-Frost, requested $350 for an internship at Finish Post Production in Boston. 

All grants passed unanimously. 

The Elections Committee reported that because of the most recent election, the committee was now working hard to amend election rules and make them more widely known. 

The Student Life Committee reported they were working on PCFs. 

The Communications Committee reported they sent their internals to the Judiciary Committee for approval, and that they were working hard on the Discover Worcester campaign as well as Council’s Valen-Vibes event.  

Lastly, the Judiciary Committee presented to Council two charters for approval: The Magenta and Equestrian Club charters both passed unanimously. 

Council then moved into e-board updates. 

President Emma Dinnerstein updated Council regarding the various committees she serves on. She then created an international student ad-hoc committee, aimed at supporting international students both on and off campus. The committee will be made up of members of ISA and MOSAIC, among others; the committee will also work with ISSO, MFGSS and ODI. Lastly, she informed Council that many CUSC-related documents, including the results of the previous election, will be made public.  

Secretary Domenica Cevallos gave a short update about the latest meeting of the Constitutional Reform ad-hoc Committee. She then reminded Council Representatives how important the role of the representative is. 

Treasurer Ivette Mendoza echoed this sentiment in her updates, and encouraged representatives to do beyond the bare minimum presented by their individual roles. She also announced that the Menstrual Equity Initiative was launched. 

Council then moved into updates from representatives. 

Minority Representatives announced that MOSAIC meetings had now moved to Mondays from 4-5pm. 

First Year Representative Michael Mischley (SP) told Council that multiple first-years had approached him about the quality of recreational equipment in the dorms. To this effect, Michael then met with members of RLH and budgeted out the cost of new equipment, half of which RLH will cover. Micheal is looking into sources to cover the other half of the money needed. 

The meeting adjourned with no comments from the public.