News of the Weird: Five Odd Topics in News this Week

Hannah Ortiz , Scarlet Staff

  1. A minister from Ohio says he wishes to sue the National Football League, Pepsi, and several cable companies after he viewed this year’s Super Bowl halftime show. He firmly believes that the show was capable of sending him to Hell after watching the “soft porn” performances of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez which, according to the minister, “penetrated the sanctity” of his home. 


  1. Artist Simon Weckert created a traffic jam on Google Maps with a wagon and 99 smartphones. Weckert pulled the smartphone-loaded wagon down the streets of Berlin, even passing the Google Berlin headquarters along the way. This made the affected roads red on the Google Maps application, indicating a surplus of traffic. Weckert wanted to express how technology can warp our sense of reality.


  1. An Instagram model was charged with trespassing after she broke onto the Super Bowl field in Florida. Kelly Kay was quickly detained by police, but not before she flashed the audience in a thong. When Daily Mail reporters asked about the reasoning behind the stunt, Kay answered, “I was just…living my best life.”


  1. The Internet is searing Manhattan Bar and Grill in Liverpool, England, for including a “Ladies Fillet” on their steak menu. The cut weighs eight ounces and is the restaurant’s smallest cut available. Manhattan Bar and Grill insists the option exists due to demand, while others believe that its name is sexist.


  1. Coors Light will pay $100 in adoption fees to the first 1,000 people who adopt a dog between February 4 and February 21. Participants in select states can text a receipt to a Coors Light number and receive $100 after it is reviewed. The company wants to help their customers relax after the stress of Valentine’s Day with the companionship of a dog and a Coors Light.