Editor Of The Week: Arianna Reyes

Will Mahan, Scarlet Staff

The Scarlet: “So Ari, you have been a big part of the Scarlet for a while now. Tell us how it all began.”

Ari: “Well I was a freshman, and I really didn’t know what I wanted to do at Clark. I found the Scarlet through the club fair and I was really interested in joining. I then decided to go to the meetings and I kind of just fell in love with it. In my second semester of freshman year I came on e-board as the Social Media Coordinator.”

Scarlet: “So how did your role as a social media coordinator and writer differ from your role as a chief editor?”

Ari: “Well when I became the social media editor, I was just trying to recruit people to write for us and read our paper. I posted on social media. I posted all of our articles on our website and everything like that. At the time, I didn’t do all that much to contribute to the Scarlet editing wise. I used to write a lot more than I do now. It’s a lot more difficult to write now because I have to edit everyone’s writing, so I guess the biggest difference is the level of responsibility I have now.”

Scarlet: “So if you were to offer an aspiring writer here at Clark advice, what would it be?”

Ari: “My advice would be just do it, because a lot of people are afraid to write. I think a lot more people can write a lot better than they think they can.”

Scarlet: “If you could describe the Scarlet in just one word, what would it be?”

Ari: “Weird. I mean just weird. I mean it’s a great paper, it’s just everything that happens I’m just confused about. But it always comes together in the end so it’s fine. But I’d say weird.”

Scarlet: “Nice! In that spirit, how has your first semester as chief editor differed from your second semester?”

Ari: “Last spring, it was really difficult because no one wanted to write for us, so I guess the biggest thing I was trying to do was keep people interested, and it was really difficult. But last semester, when it was Katherine and I together, the paper just started thriving and it was amazing. I think it was the best I’ve seen the paper since I’ve come to Clark, the best Katherine’s probably seen the paper do since she came to Clark. I’m really really happy with our outcome then, and same with this semester. It’s only been going up now, and it just makes me really happy.”

Scarlet: “So in terms of the paper thriving, what exactly do you think could be attributed for the Scarlet’s recent successes?”

Ari: “I don’t know, like I really don’t… Well, I think a big proportion of our success this year is definitely attributed to our first-years, because a lot of you came in and just went right for it. You just decided you were going to write for us, and work for us, and you all made the paper just go up and up and up, and we all appreciate that.”

Scarlet: “Awesome! So turning your attention to next year, what do you hope to accomplish moving forward into next semester?”

Ari: “I definitely want to get more writers, and I want to build our social media presence a lot. I guess a big goal of ours — or mine at least — is I want to keep growing the paper. I think it’s in a great spot right now, we have good writers, and our readership has gone up a lot. I don’t see as many papers as I used to, and we don’t have to fill on top of our old newspapers in the newspaper racks, which is really good. I want to keep all of that up. A big problem that we’re going to be facing, is a bunch of our e-board is leaving. They’re all seniors and they’re graduating which is great, but we’re going to have a website editor open, sports editor, opinions, and a managing editor, which I hope to train to be editor in chief. A big goal of mine is to get people who are really passionate about the paper to come onto e-board and help us keep it flourishing for when we leave.”

Scarlet: “That’s definitely a nice goal! So in terms of your own journey here, what skills do you think you have accumulated from your time with the Scarlet?”

Ari: “I definitely think that my leadership skills have peaked. [both laugh] I definitely am the authority figure I feel. I’m always the one on top of people, making sure they have everything done that they need to get done. I had those skills before, but I feel like being in this role has helped me develop them more. It’s not like I do in a negative way, I’m definitely like ‘please try to do this,’ but it’s so we have a great paper, and so it works out the way it’s supposed to.”

Scarlet: “So in that light, what are some of the best articles that you have written and published for the Scarlet?”

Ari: “I wrote an article about the pride parade my sophomore year, Marena took the photos for it. I remember it because it was on my fridge for all of my sophomore year. I really liked it because I went to pride and it was a lot of fun. Another article I think about often is the one I wrote about the Vibrator Play (here at Clark) because my roommate Brett Iarrobino acted in it, I wrote about it, and Marena took photos for it. We all live together, so it’s up on my wall, in a frame, because Brett’s insane [both laugh]. No I love him, but that’s an article I really like that I wrote. One of my favorite articles I published though was one of Gari’s articles last semester. I love all of Gari’s articles, they’re all amazing. I think Gari’s climate justice article was one of my favorite articles that I’ve published for the Scarlet.”

Scarlet: “What’s a fun fact that readers’ wouldn’t know about you?”

Ari: “I live with our photo editor of the paper Marena!”

Scarlet: “Fantastic! Any final words of encouragement for Clarkies?”

Ari: “Just going back to the writing, a lot of people get discouraged from the paper because they think it’s a lot of work. We really do have fun here though, we love it here. Any writing is encouraged. We’ll take anything ranging from a news piece to a poem. We love seeing new people write for us and even if you don’t think you can, you can.”