COVID-19 Changes Summer Plans

Anas Shaikh, Contributing Writer

“It’s one thing for the virus to take away school, but now our summer plans too?” says Anna Kaplan, a second year at Clark. Kaplan is one of many students here who’s readjusting her plans because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Kaplan, an English major, had landed the internship at Harvard University as a student-teacher for the school’s Crimson program. Internships are valuable for students’ career paths and give them more than just an educational background for that field.

“Of course, I’m pissed, I was looking forward to the internship since December!” exclaims Kaplan. She continues, “I’m not letting this ruin my summer.  I’ve been looking at more work-from-home internships since many corporations are offering that, which is something I’m grateful for.”

In the near run, graduating senior Tyler Araujo is frustrated about his graduation ceremony transitioning to being online. “It just sucks because me and my friends were really excited to walk the stage y’know,” he says. “The school’s doing the best it can to make the ceremony experience less changed, though it’s not a “cool” thing to end our college journey like this,” Araujo point out.  “But there’s nothing I can really do about it.”

Alexander Baptista, a first year at Clark, is an up and coming musician whose upcoming goal is to release a new album by August. “I have a small home studio, so recording songs isn’t going to be that difficult,” he figures.  “I could also always have my siblings shoot my music videos.”

But hat solution won’t replace working with his regular performance crew, Baptista adds. “It’s a bummer that I can’t see my boys, though we gotta do what we gotta do so we can see each other healthy and happy.”

Not all students are missing out.  Tiffany Blake, a second year at Clark, is currently in a paid internship for which she is required to be online for meetings but has freedom during the times her teammates don’t meet to work on their project.

“Our work relies on proper communication, so we just video call for our conference meetings.  They’re very understanding if anything comes up, and they and my other coworkers are fully committed to their job with awareness of what’s happening,” says Blake.