Letter to the Editor: The Need for Youth Voter Turnout

Izzy Oehlerich, Contributing Writer

Democracy is constantly being challenged in our world today. We as Americans need to remain true to our values and take advantage of our right to vote. Getting a strong and consistent youth voter turnout is so important in upcoming elections because we are the largest and most diverse generation of potential voters.

If we have learned anything over these past couple of months of pandemic quarantining and social unrest over police brutality, it is that America’s voices are not being heard. We need to boost youth voter registration and turnout if we want to uphold the standards of democracy and build the future we need.

Here at student PIRGs we are supporting youth voter registration and democratic principles through our New Voters Project campaign. We are leading internship programs on college campuses across the country, and virtual organizing meetings to affect the most increase in registration this year.

During this time where many of us are still separated and are mostly communicating virtually, using studentvote.org as a tool to easily register new voters. We must work to create a better attitude surrounding youth voter participation and engage our generation in hopes to build the best future for ourselves and the generations that follow.


Izzy Oehlerich

Clark Student

MASSPIRG Summer Intern