Letter to the Editor: Promoting the Decker/Garballey 100% Renewable Energy Act

Valerie Vong, Contributing Writer

To the editor:

Climate change is an existential threat to every single life form on this planet. For years, confirmation of climate change has been evident and rampant, and will only continue to impact our environment if leaders around the globe remain motionless. The fact of the matter is, we as a populous have been exposed to various solutions that aid in minimizing the effects of climate change. Howbeit, those in power have chosen to take no notice of such effects, and leave us with a dying planet. My generation—and even yours and our future generations—deserve justice to be granted to our only home. I urge more individuals to gain knowledge on how firmly climate change is altering our surroundings; as sea level rise, extreme weather patterns, an increase in natural disasters, health risks, and disrupting natural ecosystems and vulnerable communities are just some of them. 

The utilization of fossils fuels, mainly embraced by corporations, has been unveiled as a key factor to increasing the effects of climate change. Though, renewable energy—such as solar and wind power—is an alternative that will provide a cleaner, greener environment. Fortunately, Massachusetts has the potential to become a leader in sustainability. I have lived in this state for the entirety of my life, and generally, I can say I am quite fond of that fact. I am a student at Clark University, pursuing a double major in English and Environmental Science and a minor in Political Science, and currently interning with Student PIRGs. For years now, I have dedicated my time to advocating for environmental justice, to which can be presented through states boldly shifting to renewable energy. The Act for 100% Renewable Energy H. 2836, sponsored by Marjorie Decker & Sean Garballey, is a prominent path Massachusetts can take to becoming a leader in fighting for environmental justice and showing that the state truly cares for our planet. 

I am an avid supporter of this bill, due to the fact that it commits to 100% renewable energy by 2045—a substantial goal that will, without a doubt, benefit our climate and environment henceforth. I believe that we can no longer wait and remain silent, but rather we must act presently and swiftly. This will guarantee that this planet can reach a more habitable and safe state, for us and generations to come, as well as allow us to become more aware of our energy habits. I hope what I have written has garnered your attention. Thus, I wish to address those with the power to champion the The Act for 100% Renewable Energy—Speaker of the House Bob DeLeo and Energy Committee Chair Tom Golden. By pushing this bill forward, it can gain support and be passed into law, prior to the end of the legislative session this month.

Thank you and best regards, 

Valerie Vong